Botulinum toxins and Botox are approved by the FDA for treatment of various symptoms, such as eyelid or neck spasms, the relaxing of facial lines and even excessive sweating. But everyone beware of the Serious Side Effects of Botox.

Just days ago the U.S. FDA issued a warning that using Botox, or botulinum toxins, may have serious consequences including death. Even though, the FDA didn't ban the use of botulinum toxins which are natural poisons found in decomposing food and are 40 million times more potent than cyanide. Reactions from these toxins have led to breathing problems and even death.

The FDA claims the reactions were suggestive to botulism which is what happens when these toxins spread throughout the body.

The most serious of reactions and deaths have been in children which were administered botulinum toxins to treat cerebral palsy. The FDA has not actually approved these treatments.

Patients administered Botox for cosmetic purposes were not among deaths reported but vigilance is urged.