Many people develop a double chin as they age, and it is an ugly side effect of aging. Surgery can correct a double chin and remove the excess fat and skin, but not everyone wants to have a face lift or operation. For those people who want to restore their double chin to a more youthful look without going under the knife, there is a product that can help.

A double chin is caused by fat deposits that gradually stretch out the sin and cause the chin's sagging appearance. If you want to get rid of your double chin the first thing you need to do is to start a diet and exercise program that will help you to lose excess fat all over your body. Because a double chin is nothing more than an excess fat store, consuming fewer calories than you take in will help to reduce the fat. Although a general diet and exercise program will help to reduce your sagging chin, it can be a stubborn area to tone as exercising it can be a challenge.

Some people will find success in this method alone, and other will notice only a small reduction in the fat under their chin. Everyone stores fat differently and while the proper diet and exercise will help everyone to varying degrees, some people need more help than others. This is why many people turn to specialized chin exercises and chin wraps, such as the Velform chin wrap. This chin wrap is designed to re-firm the chin and reduce the look of sagging. Many people have great success with the Velform chin wrap and after using it correctly find that they have a firm, taught chin once again.

The Velform chin wrap works in combination with a reaffirming reducer gel that helps to firm your chin and reduce the sagging. You simply apply the gel to your chin and neck, slip on the chin wrap, adjust it to your chin using the simple closures, and enjoy the feeling of a firmer chin. The Velform chin wrap raises your sagging chin and allows the reaffirming gel to tone and tighten it.

The chin wrap allows the gel to penetrate the skin and fat cells helping to reduce the fat and re-firm the hanging skin. The Velform chin wrap only has to be used twice a day, once for 10 minutes and once at 20 minutes. Results can usually be seen within a week with full results happening after a month. The chin wrap is easy to use and adjusts easily to any chin size with elastic and simple fasteners.

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