This is a great remedy for blackheads. You can use this mask up to twice a week and say bye-bye to blackheads.


3 tbsps roughly ground oats
2 tbsps honey

Mix ingredients together and apply to skin. Avoid eye area. Leave on for 20 minutes. Rinse well with plenty of warm water, follow-up with a toner and moisturizer.

Here is a great wrinkle reducing treatment recipe that works great even for the sensitive under-eye area:


1/2 teaspoon water
1/4 of a lemon, squeezed
A dab of Aloe Vera extract
1 Vitamin E gel capsule, squeezed

Mix all the ingredients and apply to skin by rubbing ever so lightly before going to bed. You may even notice results the following morning, after the first application! Discard any leftovers and make a fresh batch every day.

Healthy Glow

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If you want great looking skin. Here are four things you can do to improve texture, and have a healthy glow. Although a good part of the damage is done much of it can be reversed by following the following steps.

The first and most important rule to having great skin is avoiding the Sun. The damage caused by the Sun is overwhelming, leading to fine lines, wrinkles, freckles and possibly skin cancer. Even with all the known negative factors, people are still basking in the sun without proper protection. Although the Sun isn't everywhere and it's impossible to avoid, it is essential that proper sunscreen is applied prior to be exposed to the sun.

Drink, drink, drink! It can't be said enough times: you must drink a minimum of eight glasses a day to help your body remove the toxins and impurities that our bodies simply cannot digest without a little extra help. More often than not, our skin is what gives us the first indication of an impending illness.

Exercise: walk, jog, ride a bicycle, dance, or what ever form of physical fitness you prefer, just exercise. The exercise regimen does not have to be brutal, it simply has to be. Exercising helps your blood circulation, tones muscles, helps your digestive tract, relieves stress, etc. the benefits of exercising are innumerous. Exercising to the point of working up a sweat expels toxins in your body through the sweat.

Eating right: lots of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are known for their antioxidant properties which will leave your skin glowing and supple. If you don't like to eat a lot of fruit or vegetables invests in a quality juicer and drink your fruits and vegetables.

Antioxidant seems to be the "in" word at the moment, and probably will be for some time to come. Everywhere we turn we see products claiming to have antioxidant properties, more people are changing their diets to include additional antioxidants, etc. Antioxidants, skin care and anti-aging definitely go hand-in-hand, as aging is due to free radicals--antioxidants fight free radicals. Free radicals occur from the environments pollutants, refined foods, the lack of eating the right foods, as well as others.

Those who are interested in proper skin care and anti-aging must find ways of fighting free radicals by increasing the amount of antioxidants. There are several products and supplements on the market today that could keep you looking and feeling younger. One such product, Resveratrol, is reported to be not only an antioxidant but also very beneficial to the heart.

Resveratrol is the main dietary source in wine and more particularly in the skin of the red grapes. It is also found in various edible species of plants, peanuts, raspberries, mulberries, blueberries, cranberries, plums and some pines. Studies show that the French who drink a lot of red wine have less heart disease, however the rates of cirrhosis are much higher due to the alcohol intake, compared with Americans. The great news about resveratrol is that everyone can benefit without the calories or alcohol.

Much research has been conducted in regards to resveratrol in the beneficial effects to humans. As well as being proven beneficial for the heart it also reduces the formation of blood clots, it opens arteries, helps prevent cancer, is an antioxidant, has anti-inflammatory properties, and stops the oxidation of bad cholesterol.

Although there are no known side-effects of resveratrol at this time, research is ongoing worldwide -- prior to taking any new medication or supplement, you should consult with your doctor.

Resveratrol can be taken as a supplement to help you maintain overall health as well as an antioxidant for anti-aging and healthy skin.

Coenzyme Q10 is a vitamin–like substance that is present in all human cells and is responsible for the production of the body's own energy. Food energy converts energy in each cell with the help of CoQ10. It is an important antioxidant, as it protects the cells from free radicals. Free radicals cause aging and are generated in the mitochondria; CoQ10 plays a key role in the respiratory system, and for that reason is located side-by-side with the area generating free radicals.

As we age, our bodies are not able to produce enough Coenzyme Q10, therefore a supplement can be taken to compensate. These supplements help the production of energy in all cells of the body and serve as a protection for cells from free radical damage. It is a vital supplement because this nutrient supports healthy aging. For example, cholesterol-lowering medications can deplete natural CoQ10 nutrient levels in the body, therefore, causing premature aging; supplementation of this nutrient will not interfere with these cholesterol-lowering medications and will provide the necessary energy to the cells to fight free radicals.

Aside from being an antioxidant which helps in the battle against aging, this nutrient has also:

*proven beneficial to migraine headache sufferers, although research is still being conducted;
*been studied for cancer treatment and relief from cancer treatment side-effects;
*shown that it protects the brain from debilitating diseases, such as Parkinson's;
*shown positive results in lowering blood pressure;
*helped in the recovery of cardiac arrest patients;
*shown positive results in gum disease.

Coenzyme Q10 is sold as a dietary supplement and not a drug, therefore it is not regulated by the US Food and Drug Association. Always check with your doctor before taking any medication or supplement to ensure it will not interfere with any medical condition or medication(s) you are taking.

Super Co-Q-Max Plus Green Tea

Not only will you benefit from the CoQ10, but the polyphenols found in the green tea which have strong antioxidant properties and has shown to support healthy circulation and vessel health.

Chemical peels, even with all the risks involved are in the top five anti-aging treatments, and why not, sometimes the results are very impressive.

Light peels are also known as Alpha hydroxy acids, or AHAs, and are mild chemical solutions that likely peel the skin. The results are brighter–looking and smoother skin. They are known to even out find wrinkles and treat mild acne problems as well as repairing an even pigmentation.

Medium peels, TCAs are best for sun damage and fine lines. They also do away with pigment problems and blemishes.

Are you considering a chemical peel? If so, then you really need to understand the complications involved prior to endangering your face because a chemical peel involves risks. You must sign a consent form acknowledging that you understand the risks involved and those risks involved are visible, permanent and irreversible scarring.

In order to qualify as a candidate for an acid peel. You must be fair-skinned because the less pigment. there is in the skin, the lower the chances of visible scarring. Most doctors will only do a chemical peel on someone with fair skin.

A chemical peel, literally burns the surface skin cells. There are three levels of chemical peels: light, medium, and deep. The deep chemical peels are the riskiest as stronger solution chemicals are utilized. In chemical peels the acids used cause burning at the cellular level . The skin burns because the chemical peel burns both the living and the dead skin cells. Once the living skin cells are burned they cluster to defend and attempt to heal. It is at this stage that scarring can occur.

As the outer layer of skin, or the epidermis as it is known, is removed in the chemical peel the layer below it becomes exposed. This is the layer where new skin cells form and if burned scar tissue will develop . It is possible that even if scarring is not physically visible damage may already have been done.

So if you are seriously considering a chemical peel perhaps you should think twice and inform yourself by doing your homework, getting a second opinion and asking others who have already undergone the process. Let's face it, the face shouldn't be played with as we try to beautify and battle aging -- we are looking for positive results and minimal risk.. If you absolutely intend on going through with the chemical peel ensure you are seen and consulted by a reputable doctor who will be honest with you.

The type of peel is considered by your skin type, ethnicity and age. There are complications involved with darker skin complexions as undesirable skin pigmentation may occur. Asians skin, as well as blacks skin or any other dark complexion could become permanently this colored after a chemical peel treatment.

In order to find out what the benefits of emu oil and anti-aging are, we must first investigate the properties and origin of emu oil.

What is EMU oil?

The EMU is a native bird of Australia. There exists some evidence to suggest that the oil of the emu has medicinal benefits. The Australian aborigines used it for thousands of years to treat burns, wounds, cuts, and bruises, and as a pain reliever. It is often used topically to soften skin and found in many ointments for dry cracked heels.

What does EMU oil contain:

20% of Omega 6 acid
2% of Omega 3 acid
vitamin E – anti-oxidant and healing agent
vitamin A – anti-oxidant and skin repairer
sapogens – skin softener
turpines - antiseptics
linoleic acid – joint and muscle pain reliever
oleic acid – proven skin cell regenerator and anti-wrinkle agent

The Benefits of Emu Oil
EMU oil has rejuvenating properties and is a natural skin softener. It is non greasy and highly penetrating, in fact it has been shown to be the fastest penetrating oil into the skin. Other extremely important factors that make EMU oil so desirable is that it is all-natural and non-toxic, it does not block or clogged pores, it is non-irritating , it does not promote bacteria, and it is gentle enough for all skin types.

Emu oil with all its natural antioxidants and skin softeners calm will protect and restore and maintain your skin. It leaves no oily film, it's fast absorbing, and provides long-lasting benefits. You can use emu oil on your elbows and knees and heels, as a moisturizer for your hands and cuticles, on your face to improve the condition of your aging skin, does a massage oil.

You can revitalize your skin, and literally fade away fine lines by applying emu oil as it improves the condition of skin with its moisturizing properties. By applying emu oil onto the face, you are also preventing additional moisture loss by forming a protective barrier.

Emu oil is also great on sunburns, and stretch marks.

Professionals and Emu Oil

A well-known and published dermatologist from Houston, Texas uses emu oil in almost all cases. She has seen at work wonders with patients suffering from severe psoriasis, burns from chemical peels,eczema, and rosacea. And with rosacea, there is no breakout, the redness subsides, even though it is treated with oil, being emu oil, because it doesn't clog pores.

Other professionals have become very excited about emu oil as well. Their excitement lies in the fact that emu oil has the ability to carry other ingredients into the skin at a bioactive transport. In other words, as long as the other ingredient's molecule is small enough to penetrate the skin, that ingredient is carried in along with emu oil, resulting in much faster improvements in the patient. They have also seen incredible results in the body's ability to heal itself by treating the area prior to any procedure, such as laser resurfacing. In these instances, there was a 50% improvement in recovery time, and without blisters or scabs.

How to Use Emu Oil

Application of emu oil is generally the same: put a couple of drops in the palm of your hand and apply to area gently. The amount of oil you use depends on the size of the desired area. Generally, it will take about three to five minutes for the oil to penetrate the skin.

You can also use emu oil in your bath water. Pour about a teaspoon of emu oil in the bath. If you like, you can also add other if essential oils or fragrances asking while it is odor-free and works well with other fragrances.

As you can see, the benefits of emu oil in regards to anti-aging are numerous and scientifically proven. It comes highly recommended by health professionals, especially dermatologists, who give this product a stamp of approval.

Adult acne is definitely a common problem. Women are more likely to suffer from adult acne than are men. Adult acne, as well as teen acne, are caused by a variety of factors such as hormones leading to excess oil secretion, the hair duct closure and infection. How to get rid of adult acne depends on the type of acne you have.

A pimple, which in medical terms is called a comedo, is comprised of fat, keratin and skin debris which are ultimately stuck in the hair duct. Obviously, acne is not caused due to lack of hygiene, and finally people are understanding that fact. Gentle face washing is much more effective and better for your skin than is over-washing. It is recommended that you wash your face only twice a day and preferably with lukewarm, soft water. Hard water tends to leave residue on the skin.

When a pimple is open it is called a blackhead. When it is closed it is called a whitehead. Whiteheads usually cause the hair ducts' walls to rupture, gradually they become red, and infected. Squeezing pimples at home is really not recommended and may lead to infection and scarring and possibly lead to spreading the acne. Doctors use sterilized equipment to prevent scarring and infection.

The treatment that is best for you depends on the type of acne you have. The best advice is to see a doctor who will prescribe the best product for you . If you are using an over-the-counter medicine ensure it is an oil-free lotion and wash your face with water. In addition, use peroxide in a very low strength formula. Throughout the day, dab the oily areas of your face with a tissue to remove excess oil.

There are several types of acne treatments available but the best treatment is a topical acid comprised of vitamin A. The newer formulas come in a slow release formula to avoid irritation.

Some other popular acne treatments include creams, alpha hydroxy acids, antibiotics, topical antibiotics, peroxide, among others.

To summarize:
1. Wash your face with soft water, morning and night only, excessive washing will do more harm than good.
2. Do not squeeze pimples at home--see a professional.
3. Use a gentle oil-free lotion to cleanse.
4. Dab oily areas of your face with a tissue to remove excess oil.
4. See a doctor who can prescribe the ideal medication or product for your acne.

The importance of vitamins cannot be undermined. We as human beings cannot possibly ingest all the vitamins required to maintain our health and fight aging, especially in this modern world we live in.

Our work schedules, the pollution, the toxins and the types of foods we eat all prohibit us from getting the proper vitamins in our systems. Although we must do our best to eat as best we can, supplements play a huge role to complete the vitamin intake we require.

Do your best to include supplements in your diet. Whether you prefer a multi-vitamin or several individual vitamins, choose what's best for you, your needs and your age. The types of supplements we need change with age and are different for everyone due to lifestyle and foods ingested. For instance, if you are one that doesn't like to eat or cannot eat leafy green veggies due to a health condition, then you need to make up the difference with a supplement that will "replace" those vitamins.

Dark Under-Eye Circles

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Dark under-eye circles are by no means your fault. They have nothing to do with your lifestyle or what you did or did not do the night before, nor will they disappear after a good night’s rest. Dark under-eye circles are actually called oxidizing hemoglobin caused by leaky capillaries.

Oxidizing hemoglobin start in the capillaries (the vessels containing oxygenated blood, in this case, that web the delicate skin around the eyes) which are so small that red blood cells lines up in a single file to get through. At times, the red blood cells wander into the surrounding skin, the enzymes in your body break them and their hemoglobin down. When hemoglobin is broken down, what remains is a dark blue-black color, very much like a bruise.

The reason dark under-eye circles are so visible is that the skin surrounding the eyes is the most delicate and of the thinnest of your entire body. The skin is most translucent around the eyes and the capillaries are closer to the surface of the skin.

These unattractive dark under-eye circles can be concealed and possibly beaten with certain products. There are circle erasers on the market as are home remedies. Home remedies can help but honestly, none are 100% effective.

A definite favorite in under-eye dark circles is cucumber. The cucumber helps to lighten the skin as well as soothes tired eyes, especially from staring at a computer screen for hours on end.

Tea bags are yet another favorite. Not only does the caffeine in tea diminish water in the tissues around the eyes, hence reducing puffiness, it is also an anti-oxidant that is so good for the skin —so you get two birds with one stone. Chamomile tea is great because chamomile is an anti-inflammatory which is known to reduce swelling and puffiness.

Home Remedies for Dark Under-Eye Circles

Lay down and apply thin cucumber slices on your eyes ensuring they are contacting the skin under the eyes. Leave on for 5-10 minutes.

Lay down and apply a used tea bag that has been squeezed out and cooled. Leave on for 5-10 minutes.

Either home remedy will have a positive effect on dark under-eye circles.

Famous French designer Coco Chanel started the tanning ritual in 1920. While sailing aboard an aristocrat's yaught she got a suntan. By the 1940's tanned skin was very fashionable and shown off by celebrities wearing bathing suits in their pin-up posters.

Although small amounts are necessary to metabolize vitamin D, we discovered that the risks far outweigh the benefits of long term sun exposure.

While losing some elasticity and muscle tone are a natural part of the aging process, wrinkles are a sign of external aging factors that you can avoid for the most part. Here are the top 5 Contributors to Wrinkles & Aging:

#1 Risk to Aging is UV Radiation due to Sun Exposure & Tanning Beds - Years of sunbathing damages the collagen, elastin and matrix of the skin creating excessive wrinkling and sagging.

#2 Cause = Cigarettes - 1st & 2nd Hand Smoke. Each puff off of a cigarette creates so many free radicals that the body's built in defense mechanism is helpless to combat them. Free radicals damage cell components and their ability to reproduce healthy cells.

#3 Cause = Drugs & Alcohol - Long-term use of alcohol, prescription and/or recreational drugs creates oxidative stress.

#4 Cause = Food; Processed, Deep fried, Charbroiled, Rancid Fats, Microwaved. Consistent unhealthy food choices create oxidative stress and break down the body's ability to repair itself.

#5 Cause = Stress & Anxiety - a stressful lifestyle creates inflammation in the body and oxidative stress.

What are Free Radicals & Oxidative Stress?

Free radicals are unstable oxygen atoms that cause damage to all parts of the cell. This cellular damage accelerates aging and creates disease in the body. Not being able to reproduce healthy cells the skin's cellular matrix is broken down, collagen fibers become inflexible and deep furrows appear in the skin as wrinkles and sagging.

This damage does not stop with the skin. Eventually it leads to damage to the organs and then to the body's systems creating one or more of a multitudes of diseases.

The bottom line is...healthy cells maintain a healthy body. We each have a natural defense mechanism in place within the body to neutralize free radical formation by producing a variety of Antioxidants. Oxidative Stress takes place when free radicals exceed the body's defense mechanism and supply of antioxidants.

Reduce your risk of disease by supporting your body's natural defense system.

Top 5 Steps for Healthier & More Vibrant Skin:

1. Drink plenty of water, include colorful, fresh veggies and fruits daily, and practice moderation when it comes to eating foods that create free radicals.

2. Take B Complex vitamins to help relieve stress.

3. Include Vitamin E to protect the cell membrane and oil-soluble parts of the cell.

4. Take Vitamin C regenerates Vit E and protects the water-soluble parts of the cell.

5. Take Coenzyme Q10 to protect the mitochondria - energy production center of the cell.

With some conscious changes and healthy additions you can ward off accelerated aging and look as young on the outside as you feel on the inside!

Written by award-winning inner & outer beauty expert, Linda Bertaut. To sign up for her FREE how-to articles and ezine, visit

Award-winning beauty expert, Linda Bertaut is an esthetician, Reiki master teacher, make-up & image consultant who specializes in bringing inner beauty to the surface. Linda's real passion is empowering people to find their true inner beauty, resulting in a transformation from the inside out. "True beauty comes from knowing who you are, and expressing yourself authentically to the world." is Linda's philosophy.

Linda founded Mineral Cosmetics in 2000 as part of her beauty business, Bertaut Beauty. With over 20 years experience in the beauty industry her products, seminars and retreats are enabling others to realize their true inner beauty as well as unlock their incredible potential to live their best lives.

Linda's Other Products on
Mood Bar - Aromatherapy Mists and Herbal Elixirs to soothe and lift the spirits naturally. Bertaut Reiki Training to create peace of mind and reduce stress & anxiety. Workshops & Inner & Outer Beauty Retreats to know yourself and follow your unique life path.

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Delay Aging with Gene P53?

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There is a gene within our bodies that protects us from cancer, but there is new research that finds it may also delay aging. The gene is p53, or Protein 53 and there are hopes that new drugs will one day prevent cancer and extend youth and lifespan as it is a tumor suppressor. P53 is known as the “guardian angel gene” and has many anti-cancer mechanisms.

The study included genetically engineered mice with an extra copy of p53 that was strictly regulated by another, to turn on only when required; researchers found it played a huge role in delaying aging. In past cancer research, p53 caused premature aging because it was not regulated. The gene’s function is to produce a protein that kills cancer cells, hence stopping the formation of tumors.

The researchers concluded that mice with the extra copy of p53 lived 16% longer. As long as this gene is functioning properly, damaged or cancer cells destroy themselves thereby avoiding cell division causing tumors.

Still, the right balance is necessary and requires further study to prevent any harmful effects. While there are chemical compounds developed that boost p53, they are being tested for anti-cancer and anti-aging.

Recent studies also showed that p53, when stimulated by sunlight leads to tanning. There are some people with a rare condition, who inherit only one functional copy of the p53 gene and are therefore predisposed to cancer and often develop many tumors in early adulthood. But, there are mutations in p53 that are found in most tumor types which contribute to the chain of events leading to tumor formation.

In the meantime, we can only hope that new findings and new studies will show conclusive results in both preventing cancer and anti-aging, possibly increasing our lifespan by 16%, as it did with laboratory mice.

Contour Thread Lift

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The average cost of a contour thread lift is $2500. It takes between ½ -1 hour to perform. It is all done in one session and the results remain for anywhere between 3 and 5 years. A complete face-lift averages about 5280.00 and takes between 2-3 hours with a downtime of about 2 weeks.

Firming Facial Mask

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• 1 tablespoon honey
• 1 egg white
• 1 teaspoon glycerin
• flour (use enough flour to form a paste)


1. Mix well all the ingredients with a whisk.
2. Smooth over your face and throat.
3. Leave on for 10 minutes.
4. Remove with warm water.


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One extremely important step in your skincare routine is exfoliation. There will be an immediate noticeable difference in your skin once exfoliation is introduced in your skin care routine. Although most skin types can benefit from exfoliation, it is important to determine your skin type to avoid irritation. These scrubs remove the top layer of dead cells that cling to your skin and dull your complexion. They will improve dry or oily skin types, blackheads and acne, and sun-damaged skin.

Tip # 1

When choosing a scrub, ensure the grains are tiny so that exfoliation is gentle; large grains can tear skin.

Tip #2: The lips need exfoliating too. Use a soft toothbrush and gently massage over the lips.

Tip #3:
The neck is often neglected and must be exfoliated as well. Use a mild exfoliator to remove the dead cells from this area each time you begin an exfoliating session for the face.

How to Remove Blackheads

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Unfortunately, pores cannot be contracted. They expand with age, more so if your skin type is oily. Dirt and dead cells also increase the size of pores, hence leading to blackheads, and that is why you should always remove your makeup and cleanse your skin properly.

Blackheads or comedones are yellowish or blackish bumps on the skin and are typically caused by excessive oil and makeup. This dirt becomes entrapped in the pores. The substances within these bumps are mostly keratin and modified sebum which becomes darker as they are oxidized.
In order to avoid blackheads, it is important for the skin to be clean but not dry. Hard water use on the skin should be avoided as it can be damaging to skin by leaving dirt deposits.

There exist many methods to remove blackheads. Some experts claim that using the blackhead extractor can damage the capillaries and prefer other methods. Whatever the case, eliminating blackheads all together is difficult to accomplish but not impossible. Be diligent and patient and you will have better looking skin. Keep in mind that honey and oatmeal, together or separately are terrific deep cleansers and should be implemented in every skin care routine.

Here are some recipes to remove blackheads, try one to see which is best for you:

Apply slightly heated honey to the face by tapping gently with your fingers. Remove with plenty of warm water and a final rinse with cool water.

Prepare a paste of honey, oatmeal and egg white and massage into skin for at least 10 minutes. Remove with plenty of lukewarm water.

Rub a slice of tomato over the blackheads.

Prepare a paste of oatmeal and water. Massage into skin and let sit for 10 minutes. Remove with tepid water.


The use of pore cleanser strips, such as Biore, is highly recommended for the removal of blackheads. They can be used once a week and will ultimately clean the pores.

Squeezing blackheads can bruise and break the skin leaving you with blotches for days to come if not scarring and the possibility of broken veins.

Anti-Aging - Cleansing is Key

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Avoid soap - it will dry out your skin. Find a good cleanser that complements your skin. In anti-aging cleansing is key. Most cleansers contain oil, water and surfactants (what dissolves dirt, makeup). If your cleanser contains too much oil, it will clog the pores, not enough oil will dry the skin.

Do not overdo cleansing either. Each morning wash your face with lukewarm water. Just splash some water and pat dry with a towel. Each night you should use a cleanser and either wash off with lukewarm water or wipe off with a tissue.

Tip: makeup removers and cleansers are not the same. Always remove your makeup with a makeup remover and then follow up with the cleanser.

There is so much to learn about beauty and skin. Skin is big business and there is a lot of research and money going toward this field. It's important to understand your skin - is your skin dehydrated or dry, which is which?

Dehydrated skin lacks moisture on the surface.

Dry skin is skin that lacks oils not water.

Most people have dehydrated skin, or skin that lacks moisture or water. Therefore, you should not be using creams for dry skin as you will be creating a whole other problem. Either invest in a good moisturizer, or try some of the home recipes found on this site.

Selenium is a trace mineral that is essential to good health but required only in small amounts. Selenium is incorporated into proteins to make selenoproteins, which are important antioxidant enzymes. The antioxidant properties of selenoproteins help prevent cellular damage from free radicals. Free radicals are natural by-products of oxygen metabolism that may contribute to the development of chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease and they help regulate thyroid function and play a role in the immune system [4-7].

The major foods that provide selenium are plant foods. This depends on the selenium content of the soil, however. In the U.S., North and South Dakota and northern Nebraska have very high levels of selenium. Selenium can also be found in some meats and seafood and some nuts.

Selenium content in foods always vary due to the soil.

Brazil nuts should only be eaten occasionally because of the possibility of very high selenium content. Other foods that are good sources of selenium are:

Tuna, canned in oil
Turkey breast, roasted
Chicken breast, roasted
Spaghetti and meatsauce

Cancer and Selenium

Several studies have shown links between cancer and selenium deficiency. A study conducted on the effect of selenium supplementation showed a significantly reduced occurrence of total cancers. Dietary selenium prevents chemically induced carcinogenesis in many rodent studies. Selenium may help prevent cancer by acting as an antioxidant or by enhancing immune activity. Not all studies agree, however, on the cancer-fighting effects of selenium.

One study of naturally occurring levels of selenium in over 60,000 participants did not show a significant correlation between those levels and cancer. One study concluded that low-dose supplementation* resulted in a 31% reduction in the incidence of cancer and a 37% reduction in all cause mortality in males, but did not get a significant result for females. Selenium has been proven to help chemotherapy treatment by enhancing the efficacy of the treatment, reducing the toxicity of chemotherapeutic drugs, and preventing the body's resistance to the drugs. One of the studies showed that in just 72 hours, the efficacy of treatment using chemotherapeutic drugs with selenium yeast is significantly higher than the treatment using the drugs alone. The finding was shown in various cancer cells (breast, lung, small intestine, colon, liver).

In humans, selenium functions as a partner for reduction of antioxidant enzymes. It also plays a role in the functioning of the thyroid gland by participating as a partner for thyroid hormone deiodinases.

Selenium comes from nuts, cereals, meat, fish, and eggs. Brazil nuts are the richest ordinary dietary source (though this is soil-dependent, since the Brazil nut does not require high levels of the element for its own needs). High levels of selenium are found in meats of kidney, crab and lobster, in that order.

*(with 120 mg of ascorbic acid, 30 mg of vitamin E, 6 mg of beta carotene, 100 mg of selenium, and 20 mg of zinc)

Gone are the days of women applying only cold cream as a beauty regimen; today there are specialized moisturizers, but what's what? We are bombarded by new creams, moisturizers, hydraters, serums, eye creams, etc. Below are the different types of creams described in detail.

Eye cream. It is formulated to moisturize the delicate skin around the eye. You will find all types of eye creams in all price ranges; some are made with Pure Vitamin C, some with Vitamin E, etc. Try samples and see which one feels right with you.

Serums: Serums help tighten your skin. Before applying your regular moisturizer, apply a thin layer of serum and wait a few moments for it to be absorbed. Then apply your moisturizer as usual.

Collagen creams help plump up the skin. As we age, the natural proteins, collagen and keratin degrade, thereby causing the skin to lose elasticity and finally causing wrinkles.

After-sun creams:
Products which hydrate and nourishe the skin to provide skin repair after exposure to the sun.

AHA (Alpha Hydroxyl Acids)
All AHA's have a hydrating or exfoliating capacity. The action of AHA's is triggered by the quantity - either more or less hydrating or exfoliating. When used overly high concentration, can be irritating.

The more popular AHA's are citric acid, malic acid, lactic acid and tartric acid. As an example: lactic acid is hydrating up to 5%; exfoliating from 5-10%; irritant if in a content of over 10%. In a cosmetic, AHA's hydrate the skin and help cell renewal, thereby having an anti-aging effect. The human body contains AHA's. They are also found in fruits such as grapes, apples, oranges, and lemons.

Anti-wrinkle Creams
A product designed to reduce wrinkles.

Body milks
These are moisturizing and softening creams that never leave an oily sensation on the skin.

Cold cream
Cold cream is the pioneer of creams. It leaves a fresh feeling after use due to the evaporation of water it contains.

Face lotions
Face lotions are usually complimentary products to cleansing creams, such as toners.
Their purpose is to finish cleaning by removing any excess fatty matter and often contain floral waters.

Gel cream
Light and watery in texture enriched with a hydrating agent.

Usually used to clean the skin, it is a lightly perfumed liquid product, most often used to clean the epidermis or scalp.

Retinol, or vitamin A used for the treatment and reduction of wrinkles.

Human Growth Hormone or HGH, for short, is a synthetic human growth hormone. Roughly in our 40s, our pituitary gland (located in your brain) gradually reduces the amount of the natural growth hormone it produces. It is believed that this reduction in the level of natural growth hormone is the aging culprit.

HGH research shows that there are many setbacks involved, the most frightening being that long-term research has not been conducted. So, if we started taking HGH at age 40 until for 20 years, we are not certain of the side effects we will suffer at age 60. Scary, isn't it? Also scary is the fact that some doctors promise you reversal of aging with HGH, if you are willing to pay big bucks for it.

Although you can find HGH widely available on the internet and other places in the form of vitamins or what have you by ingesting it, the truth is you can only really obtain the synthetic human growth hormone with a doctor's prescription and is in the form of injection. All other forms that are ingested are absorbed by the stomach and have not shown any proof of working.

HGH is federally approved for medical reasons only showing positive results in adults suffering from growth hormone deficiencies with regards to: increased bone density and muscle mass; improved mood and motivation in subjects; boosted the heart's ability to contract; and reduced body fat.

Due to the incredible results for those who required it for medical purposes only, it has led many to believe that HGH can work for those looking for the fountain of youth.

Risks of taking HGH when not medically required:

carpal tunnel symptoms;
swelling in arms and legs;
high blood pressure;
arthritis-like symptoms;
hardening of the arteries;
muscle pain;
abnormal bone growth;
abnormal organ growth;

Studies of healthy adults taking HGH have been short-termed, and it is therefore difficult to judge whether these side-effects subside over time or worsen.

While we are all in this anti-aging battle, we must consider the pros and cons of new products on the market and how much damage they may cause us.

In the meantime, studies have shown that regular exercise has many of the positive results that HGH can have, so (upon consulting your doctor) start a workout routine and stick to it; you will feel better, look better, you'll be more energetic and build muscle mass, among others. One other major benefit of exercise: you'll be healthier naturally without chemicals. Without frowning upon HGH, perhaps more studies should be conducted before taking the plunge.

As we age everything about us slows down and our bodies stiffen i.e. both the joints and the muscles. We tire faster, our bodies don’t repair themselves as quickly as when we were younger, our metabolism slows, etc. One thing always discussed is exercise. Everyone needs to exercise as it helps with the, well, everything. It seems no one really stresses the importance of “stretching”. Before any workout at all, specialists always insist upon it but even if you skip the exercise always stretch.

It is clear as day that many mature adults’ bodies become less flexible where they can’t turn their heads equally to each side, or reach far enough to comb their hair or wash their backs. More often than not it is related to a lack of stretching, or movement. With your doctor’s consent of course, you should begin as soon as possible. Almost everyone starts their day with a quick extending of the arms before getting out of bed; just take it a few steps further:

• Stand with legs straight, (first with legs together and then apart) and reach for the stars;
• From there, with legs apart and arms extended, reach to each side;
• Whether in standing position or sitting down with legs extended try to touch your toes (you’ll notice within days you will reach further with less bend in your knees;
• With arm over your head, bent at the elbow, use your opposite hand to help push elbow back thus stretching tricep and extending your reach to shoulder blades;
• tilt your head side to side keeping your shoulder in same position or pushing downward;
• turn your head side to side several times slowly
• hold your hands at chest level with arms extended reaching forward (with arms only, not bending forward) thus loosening shoulder muscles;
• try to grasp your hands together behind your back and hold it for a few moments; if you are having trouble with this exercise, don’t worry, a little more stretch each day will help until you can.

Flexibility is a given to babies and the young. As we age, we have to stretch to maintain our flexibility and our independence. Independence, you say? Yes. If we can’t move enough to wash ourselves or comb our hair, then we depend on someone to help us with daily life. Flexibility allows us to walk properly, and walking properly exhibits a youthful flair.

You can have clearer skin and more energy by cleansing your body of toxins. There are different Ways to Detox the Body but the benefits are incredible. Not only will your skin be more beautiful, but you will feel revitalized and stronger with a sharper mind.

Detoxification or body cleansing is simply eliminating impurities or toxins from the body. These toxins, although a good part are removed naturally via the liver, kidneys and excreted in urine and stool, much remain in our bodies and the only way to eliminate them completely is to detoxify the body.

When is it time to detox the body?

It is best to cleanse your system of these impurities that have accumulated in your body when you are always feeling tired, i.e. your energy levels, no matter what you do are very low; you are experiencing body aches, fatigue, nausea, headaches and your mind is unable to focus.

How does one detox the body?

Start by reducing the toxins such as: cigarettes, alcohol, coffee and refined products (white sugar, white rice, white bread, etc). Limit or cease using the following products while cleansing the system: household cleansers (chlorine, bleach, air fresheners, etc.); daily hygienic products (deodorants, antiperspirants, shampoos, conditioners, etc.)

Here are some basic, easy-going ways to detox the body:

Change your diet to a healthier one by cutting out all refined products and opting for grains, whole wheat, brown rice, brown sugar, etc. Choose lean sources of protein. Avoid ALL processed foods. Learn to read nutrition labels and avoid foods that have high sugar content by educating yourself on the alternative terminology of sugar. Avoid ALL fast foods as they are very high in sugar, among other horrible things. Eat more fruits and vegetables.

Dry brush your skin. The skin is the largest organ of your body and it releases toxins. Help your entire system cleanse by dry brushing. This method removes the dead cells that are matted on the epidermis (the outer layer of skin), making way for a clean, fresh layer of skin that can remove more toxins. With the use of a brush made of natural bristles simply brush the entire body and then shower. Immediately afterward, apply natural oil to moisten the skin as the skin is able to absorb more easily at this time. Have a sauna. It's a great way to open pores to help the body remove more toxins. Exercise! This helps you stay fit and healthy and actually does aid the body in detox by stimulating the organs to discharge toxins.

Besides these methods above which will improve your overall health, there are more effective ways to detox the body.

Water Fasting is simply that, you only consume water. This method allows your digestive tract to rest completely while removing toxins.

Juice Fasting is another effective way. The fast consists of drinking only fresh fruit and vegetable juices for a maximum of three days. Once the fast is complete, raw fruit and vegetables are eaten to gently return your system to normal, before re-introducing solid foods.

Before going on a fast or detox diet, talk to your doctor. You will not regret the "sacrifices" you made regardless of the method you chose to detox your bod. It is so beneficial to your health, you will agree that it was worth it.

Here is an all-natural cleanser that will leave your skin clean and soft.

Milk and Honey Cleanser

• 1/3 Honey
• 1/2 cup buttermilk
• 3 teaspoons rosewater

1. Place all the ingredients in jar or plastic container, cover and shake well.
2. Apply a thin layer to your face and neck.
3. Rinse with warm water.
4. Remainder must be refrigerated and will keep for 1 week.
5. Prior to following use, the natural milk and honey cleanser must return to room temperature before next use.

It really doesn't make much sense to most but if you want to clean your face - DON'T USE SOAP, it will only clean it TOO MUCH. What does that mean? Well, soap will strip your face of its natural oils and moisture. So although your skin will feel fabulously clean, you are actually damaging the skin by leaving it unprotected. It takes time for this layer of protection form, so you are only leaving it open to damaging pollution, etc.
To cleanse your face, you can purchase cleansers that contain milk or even make some at home.

Tip: If you are using a product that leaves your face feeling tight or itchy, discontinue use. And whatever you do, if you want to clean your face - don't use soap!

In order to have beautiful looking skin, you must learn to follow a routine and learn to protect your skin. In just a few minutes a day, cleansing and moisturizing your skin can have a huge impact on anti-aging. Try with all your might to follow a routine for about a month and you will see that this good habit will become second nature.

Wash your face morning and night (without soap), tone, and moisturize with creams made for your skin type. It is recommended that you use a moisturizer with 15 SPF (in the daytime) so that you are always protecting your face from the harmful rays and a night cream before going to bed.

You'll notice the difference once you incorporate these tips into your daily routine. If you are serious about anti-aging - protect your skin from the toxins and the sun's damaging effects.

Anti-Aging has everything to do with your appearance. The face, hair and hands are the things one notices in another. Here are some hair tips and a couple of home recipes. It's important to understand hair, haircuts, style and color. Any one of these can make you look older. Healthy, shiny hair will make you look younger.

To begin with, damaged hair, i.e. hair that has the appearance or texture of straw, or hair that is dry and brittle, must be treated. Firstly, hair must be conditioned each time you shampoo. If you're tired of products on the market or prefer all natural conditioners then you can try this recipe.

Hair Conditioner:

Ingredients: 1/2 cup mayonnaise

Apply about a half cup of mayonnaise to your dry hair(more if you have long hair). Work mayonnaise very well into the hair and then cover with plastic wrap, plastic bag or shower cap for about 15 minutes. Rinse completely and shampoo.

Hair Masks have become increasingly popular over the last little while. Of course you can purchase one of these products or, better yet try this Home Recipe:

Hair Mask: Honey and Olive Oil Hair Mask

Ingredients: 1/2 cup honey
3 tablespoons olive oil

Mix well the honey and oil in a small bowl. Work into hair gradually, until the hair is completely coated with mixture. Cover with plastic wrap, a plastic bag or a shower cap and allow to set for 30 minutes. Rinse and shampoo thoroughly.
A hair mask should be applied to hair once a week to keep it healthy and moisturized.

Is there a magic pill that could help anti-aging? Researchers, led by Dr. David Sinclair of Harvard University, claimed in the Cell, a medical journal, that there is a possibility that the magic pill could not only fight aging by helping your body create more anti-aging defenses, but that the same pill could cure several diseases simultaneously.

Their studies showed that animals lived longer while fed very low calorie diets. Therefore, their research was trying to duplicate, in the form of a pill instead of fasting, this low calorie diet.

Sirtuins are the family of enzymes that are controlled by genes SIRT1, SIRT2, etc.
Mitochondria are tiny organs that provide cells with energy.

In layman's terms, aging is controlled by sirtuin genes SIRT3, SIRT4 which make proteins that keep us healthy and young but as we get older, these become less efficient. Says Sinclair, "They are also very important for keeping the cells healthy and alive when they undergo stress and DNA damage, as we undergo every day during the aging process.”

Their research showed that sirtuins helped to preserve the mitochondria and even when a cell is destroyed, as long as the mitochondria are alive, it can continue to function. Furthermore, fasting raises the levels of NAD, another protein which activates the sirtuin genes hence keeping the mitochondria young.

Sinclair and his team are aiming at a magic pill that would increase the NAD protein and/or the sirtuin genes in the mitochondria which would slow the aging process and age-related diseases such as cancer, osteoporosis, heart disease.

At this time, there is already an experimental pill that is currently being tested. So the question remains, is there really a magic pill that could help anti-aging? Well, it remains to be seen, but it seems as though they may be on the right track.

Are there really Anti-Aging Supplements? It’s a little disconcerting, all these vitamins we have to take, the food we have to eat, the diets we have to follow, etc. so that we maintain our weight and stay healthy and continue our anti-aging battle. There are ways to accomplish all this and the following article will give you some insight.

Anti aging natural supplements - do they exist? Is it possible that anti aging natural supplements can slow the aging process? Absolutely! Numerous clinical studies have shown and are still discovering the health benefits of many nutrients.

The foundation for good health is a lifestyle that includes a sensible diet with nutritional supplements, reasonable exercise and weight management. It is important to be aware of what NOT to eat as well as what you should eat. In general, if it comes in a packet or is processed, it's healthier not to eat it.

Slowing down the aging process includes providing your body all the nutrients it requires. These nutrients must work at the cellular level repairing your DNA and RNA. Ideally, you should be able to obtain the essential nutrients from your diet. However, that has not been possible for years. Numerous studies have found the overall nutrient value of foods has been declining for decades due to soil depletion.

Taking one of the high-quality, broad-spectrum anti-aging natural supplements helps fill in the dietary gaps that everyone will have. The essential nutrients that you need are extensive and complex. Your body also needs and will use a wide array of anti aging natural supplements - amino acids, antioxidants, bioflavanoids, neuronutrients, certain herbal extracts, enzymes and specialized substances such as L-Carnosine, alpha lipoic acid, acetyl L-Carnitine, ATP precursors and so on. And these nutrients have to be in the correct proportions to each other based on the latest research.

Even the best anti aging natural supplements cannot substitute for a poor diet. For example, the USDA food pyramid recommends consuming 2.5 cups of vegetables a day for women and 3 cups a day for men - most people simply do not. Consuming mostly junk food, sodas and sweets and taking anti aging natural supplements will not provide you with all the nutrients your body needs. Anti aging supplements should be considered supplements to, not replacements for, a reasonably balanced diet.

If you are serious about slowing down your aging process, remember that there is no single magic pill, supplement or hormone that on its own will help you achieve this objective. The best anti aging natural supplements aren't the one-a-day vitamin type. Why? One capsule or tablet simply cannot hold all that's needed in necessary quantities - it would be way too large to swallow. The minimal vitamins and minerals found in the typical one-a-day supermarket vitamins are only the beginning and probably a waste of money.

And on the other hand, when trying to design your own supplement plan, it's easy to end up with a dozen or more individual vitamins and minerals to take daily, which is both a hassle and expensive. Besides, if certain substances are out of balance, it's possible they can combine to produce other unwanted compounds that can be harmful. This is why buying a variety of supplements and taking them together can sometimes even be dangerous.

Another important consideration is that women need a different vitamin formula than men. Women's anti aging natural supplements should contain nutrients proven by clinical studies to support the balancing of female hormones in the years before, during and after menopause. And the best anti aging supplements for men should contain ingredients proven to support healthy male prostate.

Learn as much as you can about what finding the best anti-aging natural supplements really means. After all, your health, energy and wellness is the issue. Before spending your money, be informed about the products you'll be taking every day.

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What's Good For Age Spots?

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Age spots (also called liver spots or solar lentigines) are collections of pigment caused by excessive sun exposure, poor liver function, nutritional deficiency, or lack of exercise. Age spots are the yellowish-brown flat spots that look like large freckles of various sizes. Though harmless and painless, these changes in skin color are associated with older skin. They usually appear on the hands, but they can be almost anywhere, such as the face, arms, shoulders, back, or feet- the areas most exposed to the sun. While age spots are very common in adults over 40, they can affect younger people also.

As we age, and our metabolism slows down, the liver may become so overloaded with toxins that it cannot rid the body of them. Years of being in the sun begin to add up. Oxidation within the body, and the lack of antioxidants in our diet, also plays an influential role in this process. Due to thin skin or excessive sun exposure, pigment can also be deposited as a reaction to an injury or bruise, similar to a scar being a response to a cut.

Age spots are the surface sign of free radical intoxification of the body, therefore it may be more beneficial to fight them internally. Vitamins (or foods rich in the vitamins) which may be helpful include: B6 (pyrodoxine), Beta-carotene, B Complex, C, Calcium & Magnesium, Cysteine, D, E, Lecithin, and Selenium. Herbs which may be helpful include: Burdock, Ginseng, Gotu Kola, Licorice root, Milk Thistle, Red Clover, and Sarsaparilla.

Vitamins and herbs may also be applied externally, to be absorbed into the skin. Those useful include: Apple Cider Vinegar, Dandelion juice, Lemon juice, Onion, and vitamins A, C, & E.

Age spots take years to form and eliminating them will also take time, so don't give up. Try a remedy, be patient, and if there's no improvement after a few months, try another one. Avoid excessive sun exposure, and always use a sunscreen of at least SPF 15. Avoid unhealthy fats.

To promote liver function, eat lots of fruits and vegetables (especially raw), & whole grains. Consume plenty of green vegetables. Maintain a healthy weight, and remember that sweating is good for you. Also avoid alcohol, artificial sweeteners, aspirin, caffeine, drugs, fats, food additives & preservatives, foods with artificial anything, meat, processed foods, salt, shellfish, sugar, tobacco smoke, and white flour.

NOTE: Irregular, dark spots that increase in size or change color or texture, should be checked immediately by a doctor. They could be skin cancer.

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Charles Browne is a research writer for, a free online encyclopedia concerning herbs and other healing foods used in nutritional healing and disease prevention.

These tips about Free Radical and Oxidation are a beginning to a healthier body. Stop aging further by following this advice.

Avoid the Sun!!! Exposure to the sun will age you dramatically. Free Radicals are generated by the sun’s UV rays, thereby breaking down collagen and causing fine lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores.

Of course, we all live in the real world and obviously can’t turn into creatures of the night so use SUNSCREEN. Even if you are walking to the corner store, use sunscreen. Better yet, purchase some moisturizer that contains a minimum of 15 SPF and kill two birds with one stone. You will easily find these products in all price ranges. If you are going to be outdoors for a long time or going to the beach, use a sunscreen of at least 30 and more if you are concerned with your health and appearance and don't forget to reapply as directed.

Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day or 2 litres. Water will cleanse your body and your skin, of course. By the time you become thirsty, your body has already begun dehydrating, “stealing” the moisture from your skin. Drink more water if you are sweating from heat or exercise.

Reduce alcohol intake! Alcohol is terrible for your skin, as well as causing other health problems. Too much alcohol can lead to cirrhosis of the liver, it dehydrates your body and adds pounds. We are not suggesting that you never have a drink ever, just don’t overdo.

Relax. Stress triggers free radicals by speeding oxidation so learn to relax. Take a walk, do some exercise, meditate, take a bath or whatever does it for you. Brew a cup of tea… it’s full of antioxidants.

One of the key elements to anti-aging is to reduce Free Radicals and Oxidation

Free radicals and Anti-Oxidants can be a bit complicated for each of us to fully comprehend. The simplest explanation is as follows: they are the chemical result of too much stress, pollution, sunlight and other factors; and they are also the natural by-product of your body’s use of oxygen (know as oxidation). As our bodies use oxygen, the cells produce by-products or Free Radicals which cause damage and are key factors in signs of aging.

Anti-oxidants help neutralize free radicals and protect cells from further damage, hence slowing the aging process. They are the nutrients in our foods that slow or prevent the oxidative damage to our body. There are several health problems related to oxidative damage such as: heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, to name but a few. In clinical studies, anti-oxidants have been found to enhance immune defense, possibly lowering the risk of cancer.

Here are some anti-oxidant vitamins that can potentially counter the effects of certain environmental assaults that trigger free radicals:

Vitamin C will do wonders for your skin’s appearance by removing toxins from your body. It is especially important to take Vitamin C if you are a smoker for health reasons and, it will diminish the gray undertone from your skin. Citrus fruits such as oranges etc, broccoli, green peppers, tomatoes, strawberries and green leafy vegetables are very rich in Vitamin C and must be added to every diet in order to stay healthy and young.

Note: Studies have shown that topical products (like creams, lotions) enriched with Vitamin C have a better effect on improving the appearance of the skin than when ingested. Topical application of Vitamin C is believed to increase the production of collagen, reducing damage caused by free radicals and finally improving skin texture.

Vitamin E is very highly recommended. It will truly reduce fine lines. Remember fine lines become deep wrinkles. Vitamin E can be found in nuts and seeds, whole grains, vegetable and liver oil and green leafy vegetables.

Vitamin A / Carotenoids are very important to your diet. These can be found in carrots, broccoli, tomatoes, cantaloupe, squash, peaches, apricots, kale, and all brightly colored fruits and vegetables.

Other foods that contain anti-oxidants such as: fish & shellfish, red meat, eggs, garlic, chicken, grains, watermelon, soy, cranberries, red grapes, red wine, pomegranate, tea, pink grapefruit, spinach, kiwi, brussel sprouts, oatmeal, flax seed, rye, corn.

It is recommended that you ingest these as foods instead of as supplements; however, in these busy times we don’t always have the luxury of cooking and preparing the foods we need to eat. So, if you can’t eat it, take it.

AntiAging Home

Anti-Aging and Smoking

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Quit Smoking!

It can't be said enough. Within one month of quitting this disgusting, dangerous (and expensive) and smelly habit, you will notice the color of your skin change: there will be a healthier glow about you. Smoking makes our skin gray. When we are young, we don't see the dangers. Many won't quit smoking regardless of the health-related issues that may arise, nor do we suspect that smoking actually ages us significantly. Besides that, as we age, it also creates unsightly wrinkles around our mouths from all the puffing. So, if you can't quit for health reasons, but you have concerns about your appearance, then at least quit for the benefit of your skin. Anti-aging and smoking really don't go together.

Anti-aging begins with what we ingest or put in our bodies, i.e. smoking, pollution, toxins, etc. So if you want to slow the aging process, start by one of the most important factors: QUIT SMOKING! and try to avoid places where you are around other smokers. The oxidants in cigarettes are speeding up the aging process significantly and therefore your anti-aging fight is weakened by smoking and by second-hand smoke.

The statistics prove just how dangerous tobacco smoking is, increasing your chances of cancer, emphysema, etc. Exposure to second-hand smoke is just as dangerous. There are so many ways to quit and so many out there willing to help. Everyone is different and not all can tolerate the effects of nicotine withdrawal cold turkey, so luckily, there are many options available. One great method is the nicotine patch or nicorette gum which supply you with some nicotine to ease the stress of withdrawal. Another method with favorable results is hypnotherapy. Talk to your doctor to see which is right for you.

I tried the patch but I didn't like the side-effects so I switched to the gum. It really helped a lot. If you've tried the gum in the past and couldn't deal with the taste, give it another try as they have improved it: it tastes better and is chewier so your jaw doesn't hurt. Finding: my skin looked so much better, the grayish tone made way for a rosy glow and the circles under my eyes were not as apparent.

Whatever you choose, remember that aging is easy and anti-aging requires some sacrifice.