As we age, taking vitamins and supplements are important. You may have heard of anti aging supplements, but before you go out and stock up on what you think you need, a few basic tests are necessary.

Why Should You Test First?

Everybody ages differently. Some people may have insufficient nutrients in certain areas than others. Others may be getting enough and extra supplementation may tamper with with certain processes.

Taking incompatible or the wrong amounts of supplements can be the difference between feeling okay or feeling beyond compare (or maybe even feeling not-so-good).

What Tests Should You Take?

Although consulting a doctor is generally recommended, many tests nowadays can be ordered online, done at home, mailed back to the lab and results are viewed online. Many insurance companies may not cover preventative testing and there are less expensive options online.

Organic Acid Testing

Will indicate what vitamins and minerals you require. You can use it when you are first starting a supplement program or to "fine tune" what you are already doing. It can unveil a variety of needed nutrients, such as co enzyme Q10, alpha lipoic acid, carnitine and others. (If you don't know what these are, I'll be covering them in my next article.) This test is done with a morning urine specimen.

Salivary Hormone Testing

Although there are other methods for testing hormones, using saliva has proven to be very effective. The five hormones typically tested for are testosterone, progesterone, estrogen, cortisol and dhea.

These hormones usually become imbalanced as we age. Getting these hormone levels in the correct balance can result in:

  • increased energy
  • memory improvement
  • better weight control enhanced sexuality
  • improved sleep
Once more, these tests can be performed at home, although some states may want a physician referral.

Food Allergy Testing

Food allergies are more widespread than you think and can clash with a nutritional program. Even some of the healthiest foods can be a issue if you have an allergy. A simple finger stick done at home is sent to a laboratory with the results returned in a couple of weeks.

Iodine Sufficiency Test

This is a litmus test for thyroid disorders which are becoming increasingly more prevalent today. If you have symptoms of weight gain, moodiness, or thinning hair, you may have a thyroid disorder and not even realize it. This is a urine test.

Vitamins and anti aging supplements are an important for any anti aging program and the benefits are great if it's done correctly.

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Anti Aging News Updates
The latest anti aging news and research

By GiGi Konwin
Published: 2/25/2008

If you want to slow the aging process, consider anti aging supplements. Here are some things to watch for. Everyone wants to slow the aging process, even those who want to "age gracefully". However, there is a debate going on over whether using anti aging supplements will really work.

There are some that still believe that plenty of exercise, a proper diet and the right amount of sleep is really all you need to fight the aging process.

And if it works for them, who am I to argue? I'm a big proponent of exercise, diet and sleep. You have to start there for any anti aging program to work. But if you're doing all that and you're still feeling the effects of age, you may want to consider supplementation.

The fact is that researchers have now proven that vitamin supplementation can prevent several common chronic diseases. The average American diet does not provide the optimal amounts of nutrients. However, supplementation is not an adequate substitute for a good diet.

To start, a good quality multivitamin is the core of any supplementation program. With or without iron is a subject of argument, but I would recommend if you need iron supplementation, it should be taken separately as most people get sufficient iron in their diet and too much can pose problems as well as impede absorption of other vitamins.

Tips on Buying Anti Aging Supplements

* Research before you buy. Know what you are buying, the proper amounts, and any side effects

* Buy a quality brand. It should have a certificate of analysis, adhere to GMP standards, and use standardized herbal extracts.

* Check first for reactions if you are taking any prescription medications. Some supplements clearly state they are not to be used with certain drugs.

* Always check with your physician or an anti aging specialist for the proper dosage and combination.

Beyond that, here is a list of widely accepted (in the anti aging field) supplements you should explore further. I will be going into each one separately in future articles, but here is a brief summary:

* Alpha lipoic acid - a strong antioxidant that has proven to be helpful in a wide variety of conditions including diabetes,stroke,memory and brain function and numerous other benefits

* Acetyl L-carnitine - enhances memory as well as mental quickness

* Coenzyme Q10 - has been shown to improve many conditions associated with aging but is most known for it's cardiac or heart disease benefits.

* Green tea extracts - green tea catechins may play a role in cognitive enhancement, maintaining proper weight and lowering risk of certain cancers

* Omega 3 Fish Oil -Fish Oil supports healthy heart and cardiovascular function, the function of cellular membranes and healthy brain development.

* Resveratrol - found in red wine, this powerful antioxidant provides anti-inflammatory, cardio protective and neuro protective functions.

* Ascorbyl palmitate - a fat-soluble Vitamin C, this antioxidant helps protect cells from free radical damage.

* Vitamin E - actually Annatto Tocotrienols, a new type of Vitamin E, helps to promote the cardiovascular system.

Bruce N. Ames, PhD, a professor of biochemistry and molecular biology at the University of California, Berkeley, swears by: his daily 800 mg of alpha-lipoic acid and 2,000 mg of acetyl-L-carnitine. In these amounts, he says, the chemicals boost the energy output of mitochondria, which power our cells. "I think mitochondrial decay is a major factor in aging," Ames says--it's been linked to diseases such as Alzheimer's and diabetes.

This is not a comprehensive listing, nor should you go out and buy a bunch of supplements. Always check with your physician first and you may want to see a doctor specializing in anti aging.

You may also want to be tested first for any deficiencies - an important step before you start any supplementation.

Should you start an anti aging supplements program? That's a personal choice and one Totally up to you. Give any program a chance to do its job - usually a month or two, before deciding if it works for you.

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By GiGi Konwin
Published: 3/4/2008

Happy New Year diet! That sums up what happens at New Year’s time. Everyone jumps on the band wagon and wants some kind of weight loss program or diet: partly, because it’s a new year with filled with hopes of second chances, and partly because of the extra pounds accumulated with the holiday meals. Well, at least you can lose weight with the right diet.

So what’s in a diet? Well, for the most part, diet plans often cause those partaking to starve or prohibit them from eating anything that resembles a normal meal. Usually, they are doomed to failure. Not many can ignore the hunger pains or cravings that go along with diets. What makes us start new diet programs or trendy diets, etc? Our goal of losing weight, of course. So, what drives us to lose weight and in a few weeks (after suffering) put it back on?

I can tell you that a “lose weight fast diet” can help you drop those unwanted pounds, but the trick is to keep it off. The reason we put the weight back on is because we just go back to our regular eating and exercising habits prior to the diet which are usually poor.

But, what if you were to tweak your eating habits, just a little bit? Instead of eating a bag of chips while watching Desperate Housewives, why cut down to less than half and enjoy it just the same? Why not, while watching TV or warming dinner in the microwave, instead of standing idle, do leg lifts, or squats? Some effort and some movement can work to drop some pounds and tighten or tone muscles. Also, if you really need to munch, grab some celery or carrots and crunch away. You’d be surprised what kind of a difference it could make.

What if you could eat and still lose weight? Would that intrigue you? Well, the truth is most diet plans work because they help you lose weight, but on the other hand, they don’t work because you tend to gain it back soon after. What you need to do is figure out a way to accomplish both of the above: Lose Weight with the Right Diet, or the right food. If you change the type of food you eat and the times you eat it and the amount at each sitting, you will lose weight.

By Victoria Stewart

In order to strengthen and build muscles, it is important to eat properly. This doesn't necessarily mean going on a crazy health diet. What it does mean is to incorporate more protein into your diet and less carbohydrates. It also means being smart about your anti aging regime.

When the body processes carbohydrates, it turns it into sugar. Sugar is then stored into fat within the body. That's why people who eat high carb diets tend to weigh more than others. Protein on the other hand, firms muscles, and is low in fat.

Balancing your diet is key to achieving your goals when it comes to weight loss and overall health. There is nothing worse than fluctuating weight. That is very unhealthy for the body and can create health issues, either now or later on in the future. With that said, it is best to gradually lose extra pounds and keep them off, rather than losing 20 pounds and putting them back on in a short period of time.

With that said, it is important to understand how foods are prepared, and learning how to read nutrition labels. Laws respecting food packaging contain loopholes that can often fool people into believing that they are eating healthier than they really are. For example, many packages read "zero trans fat," when in fact, that is a blatant lie. Many foods actually contain some trans fat, but the amount falls below the amount allowable by law.

Therefore, do a little research by investing some time and learn how to read those nutrition labels as it will benefit your weight loss agenda and boost your health.

Is age catching up with you? Do you see the onset of wrinkles, drooping and sagging skin, and other signs that show your age? Anti-AgingMatters provides you with tips about anti-aging health, diet, weight loss and beauty tips that will make you look and feel great. Don't delay...time is the only thing you can't get back.

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By Victoria Stewart

In order to fend off germs and promote overall health, it is important to incorporate vitamin D3 into your diet. Furthermore, in the past, the medical community believed that 200 international units was plenty to do so. Now, studies have shown that 1000 international units is what is necessary for people to maintain good health.

Vitamin D comes from the Sun. In order to get enough of this vitamin, it is important to be outdoors and absorb the sun's rays. Unfortunately, the suns rays can be damaging to the skin and is therefore recommended that we wear sunscreen, while outdoors. This in turn, blocks out the sun. But, 10 minutes outdoors is vital in order to get natural vitamin D.

Enjoying a few minutes outside in combination with your vitamin D3 will help to promote good health and will also help your body to absorb other vitamins that are essential for proper function.

In addition to the vitamin D3, a healthy supply of vitamin C will keep you strong, thereby fending off different viruses that are are presently at the top of people's priorities, such as the H1N1 virus.

There are many vitamins and supplements that are vital for healthy living. However, one should never assume that they take the place or replace the necessity of proper diet, i.e. the food that you must eat. In order to complete the nutritional necessities, supplements come into play.

With that said, it is imperative for all, regardless of age, that we eat well and take the right vitamins to fight aging, germs and other diseases.

Are you looking for ways to avoid illness and the dangerous H1N1 virus? Anti-AgingMatters provides you with tips about overall good health, anti-aging health, diet and beauty tips that will make you stronger while looking and feeling great. Don't delay... time is the only thing you can't get back.

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The apparent signs of aging, besides crow’s feet around the eye area are the nose to mouth lines, or folds. Medically, they are known as nasal labial folds which become visible in individuals around their 30s or 40s. As we age, the skin’s laxity causes it to sag and form folds at the mouth area making one look more aged. Youthful faces are plump in the cheek area, but this plumpness slowly decreases with age. Although the line from the nose to the mouth is completely normal, over time with age and smiling, it deepens and eventually leads to folds.

The cheek has a layer called the malar (from the Latin for cheek) fat pad. It is connected to the cheekbone and it gives the cheek its plumpness. As it relaxes as we age and begins to sag slowly, downward. It is then that the fold occurs at the mouth.

Thankfully, there are ways to correct the nose to mouth lines or folds, both surgically and non-surgically. Surgically, they can be corrected with a full face lift, a midface lift or with a cheek lift. In these cases, the malar fat pad is lifted in upward on the cheekbone, hence giving the appearance of a plump, youthful face.

Non-surgically, there are several options as well. With the help of soft tissue fillers such as Restalyn, among others, you can achieve plumpness all the while concealing the line and fold. These soft tissue fillers are injected at the area meant to be treated, in this case the nasal labial fold. For more of a plump, you should opt for the liquid facelift. This procedure uses fillers as well, but instead are used to add volume to the cheek area. At the same time, it lifts the sagging skin and pulls the nasal labial up.

Some other nonsurgical techniques in dealing with nasal labial folds are achieved with laser and/or light therapies. The lasers are used to tighten skin. Another noninvasive or minimally invasive procedure is a threadlift. It is safe, and leaves you with natural looking results, much like that of a facelift. Tiny sutures lift sagging areas and are inserted with a long needle and cannot be felt, nor seen.

Nose to mouth lines can be corrected, that’s the good news...except that these corrections come with a hefty price. Before you make a decision, be sure to research as much as possible and try to get referrals.

How to Workout Abs While Working at Your Desk and Get a Flat Belly
By Victoria Stewart

With age come many changes. Besides the inevitable menopause for women, there are many other health issues and changes in the body. Trying to tackle all of life's responsibilities and exercise can be challenging for many. Therefore, we must find ways to fit exercise into our schedules, like how to workout abs while working at your desk to get a flat belly for anti-aging.

Aging involves weight gain, muscle loss and especially, belly fat. For some reason, at or about age 40 makes fat rest at the belly area. This is unhealthy and can cause many problems. For example, those who have belly fat are more likely to develop cardiovascular diseases. In addition to that, having weak abdominal muscles and extra weight around the waist often leads to back problems.

So, how can anyone workout their abs while working? Invest in a stability ball. The term invest is used loosely as these balls are available at any discount department store for under $20. Sitting on the ball while at your desk will force you to keep your balance thereby keeping your abdominals contracting and building your core strength.

By building your core strength, you'll find that your abdominal muscles will strengthen and you won't even have to move. Core strength is key to a flat belly. So, if you have any time to exercise at home, do crunches and sit-ups. You'll see just how quickly you'll have a flat stomach.

As mentioned above, it is imperative to lose that weight around the belly in order to live a longer and healthier life.

Is age catching up with you? Do you see the onset of wrinkles, drooping and sagging skin, and other signs that show your age? Anti-AgingMatters provides you with tips about anti-aging health, diet, exercise and beauty tips that will make you look and feel great. Don't delay...time is the only thing you can't get back.

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Make Your Own Skincare Products From Home and Begin Your Own Anti-Aging Skincare Regime
By Victoria Stewart

If you are looking to fight premature aging don't have the money to buy all the new products and product lines that are on the market, then you can still make your own skincare products from home and begin your own anti-aging skincare regime. All that is required are some ingredients, most of which are already in your kitchen cupboards or your refrigerator. You may need to purchase a couple of extra ingredients, which will always be used in the various formulas and solutions. Therefore, you needn't worry that they will go to waste.

The cosmetic industry is making more money now than ever. This is because of clever marketing, and the anti-aging fever. Today most of us are concerned with the way we look, that we do whatever we can to look younger and more beautiful, and stay younger looking longer. With that said, any new products have been developed that fight aging, remove wrinkles, cure fine lines, etc.

Unfortunately, there is a hefty price tag that accompanies most of these newer products. There is no need to be discouraged, because you can make most of these products at home. Not only will you be benefiting from great skincare and other things that the commercial products claim to do, you will be doing so at a fraction of the cost. It will literally cost pennies to make anti-wrinkle creams, toners, balancers, facial masks, and the list goes on.

The only drawback is the fact that you will have to take the time to actually make each product. Fortunately, with all the kitchen appliances that exist and that we already own, it only takes minutes to prepare. So why not give yourself a treat yourself to all the magnificent skincare products that you desire and save hundreds of dollars and make them at home.

Is age catching up with you? Do you see the onset of wrinkles, drooping and sagging skin, and other signs that show your age? Anti-AgingMatters provides you with tips about anti-aging health, diet and beauty tips that will make you look and feel great. Don't delay...time is the only thing you can't get back.

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Anti Aging - How to Look Younger and Stylish
By Victoria Stewart

The fountain of youth is still being sought after. So until it's found, we must all do our part in anti aging and how to look younger. Although there are many cosmetic procedures that can be done, most of us try to work with what we have had some products that can help us along the way. But there are many ways that we could look better and younger.

For instance, looking younger doesn't necessarily mean trying to look 20 we're 55. There is a certain way, a mature woman can dress to look fantastic and tasteful. An older woman wearing the trends that are meant for young women often comes off as unappealing. You must determine your style, such as sporty, casual, classic, or what have you. Once that is determined, make sure that your hairstyle suits that style. Your hairstyle should enhance your features and work with you. Different hairstyles suit different shapes of faces, so ensure that your hairstyle is compatible with the shape of face you have.

Makeup is a very important factor in looking younger. Many women don't know how to wear makeup. Usually, they started off in their teens, found a certain style of makeup and ways to apply it, and continue to wear it in almost the same fashion. That's dead wrong. An older woman cannot wear the same makeup or 20 or 30 years ago. Certain trends in makeup change, the ways is applied in the composition of it as well.

Not to mention, your face has changed from the time that you first started wearing makeup. Perhaps your cheeks are not as plump as they once were, your skin tone is often quite different from what used to be, possibly bags and puffy eyes, along with dark underwrites circles have developed, nose and mouth lines have gotten deeper, as have eat crow's feet and frown lines. Maybe your lips have grown smaller, and the lines around them have deepened. Needless to say, you have a completely different face, and more often than not, you are continuing to apply your makeup the same way.

What you must do is inspect the changes of your face and work from there. Perhaps your eyeliner should not be as pronounced, or your lipstick should not be as deep red as it used to be. Dark underwrites circles need to be addressed with special concealers. Eyeshadow you once wore probably no longer suit you. Avoid any eyeshadow that is creamy or sparkly, as they age you even more. They enter the creases in your skin and enhance them. Therefore, you should opt for eyeshadow that is powdery.

Is age catching up with you? Do you see the onset of wrinkles, drooping and sagging skin, and other signs that show your age? Anti-AgingMatters provides you with tips about anti-aging health, diet and beauty tips that will make you look and feel great. Don't delay...time is the only thing you can't get back.

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Anti Aging - How to Avoid Or Cure Spider Veins Or Varicose Veins
By Victoria Stewart

Spider veins or varicose veins are really a sign of aging because most of us get them later on in life. Learn how to avoid and cure spider veins or varicose veins. The best way to avoid them is by not crossing your legs. This stops the circulation. You might be thinking, "how else am I supposed to sit?" well the answer to that is quite simple-- any other way, unless you want to get varicose veins. The truth is, it may seem as though it is a woman's issue, but it is not. Spider veins also affect men.

What you can do to avoid them is to begin a regular exercise routine. Exercising helps blood circulation. You don't even have to join a gym for something like this, all you need to do is walk on a regular basis. If you stand for very long periods of time, try alternating the weight from 1 foot to the other. Try to keep your weight in check. Extra weight is carried by your legs. Support stockings are also very recommended.

At home, rest tired feet by elevating them while sitting on the couch or in bed rests upon a pillow. You see that for very long periods of time, help your blood circulation by stretching your legs and doing circular rotation movements with your ankles. This is highly recommended for those a long trips, especially on airplanes.

Your diet may be a factor as well. Use your salt intake, as salt retains water, hence causing swelling in the legs. Constipation is another factor, and therefore it is recommended that you eat as much fiber as you can.

Whether you have them or not, they are quite unsightly and therefore everything must be done to avoid them. The aforementioned tips will do just that. However, if all else fails, there are medical procedures that can remove them.

Is age catching up with you? Do you see the onset of wrinkles, drooping and sagging skin, and other signs that show your age? Anti-Aging Matters provides you with tips about anti-aging health, diet and beauty tips that will make you look and feel great. Don't delay...time is the only thing you can't get back.

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Antiaging With Olive Oil For Beautiful Skin, Hair, and Nails
By Victoria Stewart

We're all looking for beautiful skin, and everything else that makes us beautiful. One product that is very well-known can do wonders and can be used in virtually everywhere on the body. You can start and antiaging regime with olive oil for beautiful skin, hair, and nails.

For the nails, begin your manicure with a feud drops of it added to warm water. Soak your nails for 10 or 15 minutes and then rinse. Afterward, apply a moisturizing hand cream or lemon juice to seal in the moisture.

Add olive oil to organic beeswax that has been melted to help your lips stay soft, moisturize, and smooth. While this mixture is still in liquid form, pour it into a small container or tin with a lid for future use.

For the hair, apply a few drops to condition and avoid frizzing. For deep conditioning, apply some some more onto wet hair and leave it on for about half an hour. Rinse as usual.

For the skin, it has many uses. Instead of using an eye makeup remover, apply olive oil onto a cotton ball or a tissue and remove mascara. Not only does it remove mascara easily, it is also good for the skin around the eye area. For very dry hands and feet, rub olive oil onto them and cover them with either gloves or socks. Leave on throughout the night and remove them in the morning, and wash. Use extreme caution when applying oil for your feet as it can be extremely slippery. As a skin softener, simply add some drops of the olive oil into your bath water. Again use extreme caution as the tub may be extra slippery. You can even make your own sea salt scrub by adding olive oil to the sea salt. Your skin will feel extremely soft and will be very moisturize.

You can also add your favorite essential oils in the bath water or your scrubs if you would like to have them scented. As you can see there are so many benefits and costs are,'s extremely inexpensive.

Is age catching up with you? Do you see the onset of wrinkles, drooping and sagging skin, and other signs that show your age? Anti-AgingMatters provides you with tips about anti-aging health, diet and beauty tips that will make you look and feel great. Don't delay...time is the only thing you can't get back.

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By Victoria Stewart

A healthy mind is key in anti-aging. What good is living longer when your mind is not in good form? Just as the body functions better with the food you feed it, so too does the mind. Proper diet is very important in proper brain function. Here, you'll find tips on how to avoid memory loss.

Exercise your brain:

Your brain is a muscle. It needs to be used and exercised. Turn off the TV and start reading. After reading an article in a newspaper, try to put it aside and do a self-quiz. Play memory games with your children or grandchildren, for instance. Try doing crossword puzzles; they force you to reach into your memory bank. In other words, keep learning. There are many ways to help your brain muscle strengthen, so try to explore other interesting ways that will help.

Physical Exercise:

Any physical exercise is recommended to increase circulation of blood to the brain and to reduce stress. The more oxygen supplied to the brain, the better.


Ginkgo Biloba is an excellent supplement for your brain. It helps your mind perform better and remember more. Ensure you include it in your diet. Omega-3 supplements are another (this comes from fish fat).


There are many foods that have been proven beneficial for memory. Foods that are high in fiber and those high in antioxidants can keep the brain healthy. Such foods include: fish, especially sardines, tomatoes, strawberries, cherries, whole grains, nuts and many more. Although most of us cannot get the amount of vitamins required naturally, try to implement supplements. But, as a word of caution, replacing vitamins from foods with supplements is not enough. You must eat the foods that are necessary and take vitamins to supplement the diet.

Is age catching up with you? Do you see the onset of wrinkles, drooping and sagging skin, and mental signs that show your age? Anti-AgingMatters provides you with tips about anti-aging health, diet and beauty tips that will make you look and feel great. Don't delay...time is the only thing you can't get back.

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By Victoria Stewart

Did you know that lemon is so much more than adding flavor to our food? In order to achieve youthfulness, try antiaging using lemon for beautiful skin and hair. Lemon is full of nutrients, namely vitamin C. Vitamin C plays a key role in healthy, glowing skin.

Of course, you must know that our skin is directly affected by what we ingest, by what we don't ingest and by our environment. If we eat a lot of junk food, processed food, and the like, it will show on our skin. The same is true for what we don't ingest: not eating the right foods, and/or lack of vitamins. Lemon can help in both ways. Internally, mixing the juice of one lemon in a glass of warm water will help to detoxify your body. This in turn will improve your skin. Therefore, you should drink this lemon juice first thing every morning.

With regards to using lemon as an anti-wrinkling agent, apply lemon directly on the skin by rubbing it for about an hour. It will also which treat blemishes. Prior to rinsing, rubbed with extra virgin olive oil, for maximum results. Take note, however, that it is a bleaching agent, therefore it is best to do this at night and avoid going into the Sun.

For the hair, lemon will make it shiny. Above and beyond that, it also removes dandruff. Massage lemon juice onto the scalp. This will stimulate the blood, the glands that helped produce oil and result in hair growth and shiny beautiful hair. It will also remove grime and buildup of products that make the hair limp and dull.

But don't stop there! Often, as we age, our nails are affected as well. Soak your nails in lemon juice for 10 minutes or rub them with a slice of lemon daily. Doing so will render your nails stronger and healthier.

Is age catching up with you? Do you see the onset of wrinkles, drooping and sagging skin, and other signs that show your age? Anti-AgingMatters provides you with tips about anti-aging health, diet and beauty tips that will make you look and feel great. Don't delay...time is the only thing you can't get back.

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Anti-Aging Beauty Makeover - What is the Best Makeup For Looking Younger?
By Victoria Stewart

Many women have a problem with makeup. Although they instantly spot another woman who looks great, they cannot copy that look no matter what they try. Often, it's because they get stuck in a rut when it comes to makeup. Anti-aging is not simply eating right, exercising, and the is everything from prolonging life to feeling good and looking your best.

Makeup can help you look great whether you are at home cleaning your house or out on the town. Choosing the right colors and the appropriate textures are the most important factors. Of course, the base can make all the difference. As skin changes over time, so should your makeup. The base or foundation plays a big role. Make sure you choose the one that complements your skin, and skin tone. Under the foundation you should have a clean slate. Then, the proper moisturizer.

Now, you can begin. Start by applying your base, preferably with a damp cosmetic sponge. This ensures proper coverage and avoids clumping and caking. Follow up with a powder. These two products will ensure that your cosmetics "stick" and stay on longer without running.

Eyeliner: The older you are, the more you should steer clear of liquid liners. Use a pencil liner instead. Also, perhaps you should opt for browns or dark browns instead of black liners. It softens the look.

Eyeshadow: As you age, the wrinkles of the eyelids are more apparent. Avoid creamy and sparkly shadows at all costs. Instead, try powders. They don't enter the creases as much, therefore they give your eyes a more youthful look.

Mascara: Always use mascara. Again, you can go with dark brown. Mascara makes eyes livelier.

Blush: As we age, our "rosy" color fades. In fact, the older we are, the more gray it becomes. Brush on some blush in more neutral tones with a real applicator blush brush. Throw away the brush that comes with the product as it makes it very difficult to apply and often causes streaks.

Lips: Use a lip liner! Match the lip liner to the lipstick! The older you are, the more you should opt for a lip stain which will avoid any running.

Makeup can really be the enemy if you don't know how to apply it or how you should change it when you are older. Is age catching up with you? Do you see the onset of wrinkles, drooping and sagging skin, and other signs that show your age? Anti-AgingMatters provides you with tips about anti-aging health, diet and beauty tips that will make you look and feel great. Don't delay...time is the only thing you can't get back.

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Anti-Aging Beauty - How to Apply Blush to Look Younger
By Victoria Stewart

Makeup can make or break your entire look, and furthermore, it can age you dramatically or make you look fantastic and younger than you really are. Of course, all makeup you wear or don't wear affects the overall look. When it comes to more mature women, when antiaging is the goal, makeup must be tasteful, even when a blusher is the cosmetic in question.

Tasteful application of cosmetics is the key. These tips will help you look appropriate and fantastic:

1. Always choose a color of blush that suits your skin tone;

2. Always use a foundation prior to applying blush so that it applies evenly;

3. Do not use the brush that comes with the blush, it's too small to apply properly and will streak;

4. Invest in a proper applicator blush brush;

5. If you have dry skin, only then you can use a cream blush, otherwise, you should stick to a powder;

6. Apply the blush from the cheekbone (nearest to the hairline), sweeping forward;

7. Ensure it blends in well for a perfect and natural finish;

8. Before beginning the application, use a moisturizer that is right for your skin.

You should avoid bright reds--no mature woman has that natural tone. You should be aiming for a natural finish, not one that makes you look fake, or worse, clown-like. The colors and textures you used when you were younger just don't work for you anymore. The skin is different from what it used to be and so is the texture of it. Rethink it, rework it and you will look fabulous.

Is age catching up with you? Do you see the onset of wrinkles, drooping and sagging skin, and other signs that show your age? Anti-AgingMatters provides you with tips about anti-aging health, diet and beauty tips that will make you look and feel great. Don't delay...time is the only thing you can't get back.

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There are many exercises to stay young that you can implement into your daily routine and don't have to interfere with your usual routine. The reason: many always find excuses NOT to exercise, usually one being that they don't have the time. Well, certainly everyone can get 30 minutes of exercise into their day, even if it is broken up throughout the day.

For instance, while you are cooking you can do pushups up against the counter. Surely, 10 or 20 pushups can make their way into the recipe, in between stirring? Or, perhaps working your triceps by leaning on the counter top. Use the time your are having supper to work on the buttocks. Try squeezing and releasing them 9 times and then on the tenth hold for ten seconds, then repeat. You can also use this method with your legs or even the abdomen.

While watching TV, lie on the floor and do some situps or crunches. You get the best of both worlds this way--watch your favorite shows and benefit from the exercise. Also, even on the couch you can do leg lifts by lying on your side and lifting and lowering your leg slowly, then simply switch sides. To make it even more effective, strap on some weight.

You can even strap on the weights and walk around your house doing your chores. Maybe an extra set of strap on weights around your wrists while vacuuming or making the beds! You don't have to go out of your way to squeeze in some exercise that can tone your muscles and keep you looking younger and fit.

Walk. Walk. Walk. This will do wonders for your health. Park your car a little further at the mall, or go for a walk in the morning or in the evening. It will help with circulation, and a multitude of other benefits.

Is age catching up with you? Do you see the onset of wrinkles, drooping and sagging skin, and other signs that show your age? Anti-AgingMatters provides you with tips about anti-aging health, diet and beauty tips that will make you look and feel great. Don't delay...time is the only thing you can't get back.

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Age-related macular degeneration

Researchers have suggested one can slow aging with zinc and antioxidants as they delay the progression of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and vision loss, possibly by preventing cellular damage in the retina. In a population-based cohort study in the Netherlands, high dietary intake of zinc as well as beta carotene, vitamin C, and vitamin E was associated with reduced risk of AMD in elderly subjects. However, the authors of a systematic review and meta-analysis published in 2007 concluded that zinc is not effective for the primary prevention of early AMD, although zinc might reduce the risk of progression to advanced AMD.

It is my belief, and the belief of many authorities in this field that delaying the aging process is possible. Every little bit helps so you too can slow aging with zinc and antioxidants among other tips you can find throughout this site.

Vitamin therapy can often solve many medical problems and conditions while contributing to antiaging by keeping organs, etc. functioning normally and feeding the body with nutrients it requires to work as it did in your youth.

Of course there are numerous types of vitamins and they are basically divided into two categories: either fat-soluble or water-soluble.

Fat-soluble vitamins include Vitamins A, D, E and K. These are stored mainly in the liver and are not lost by regular ways of cooking. Also, international units is the way they are measured.

Water-soluble vitamins include Vitamin B Complex and Vitamin C. These are easily lost in cooking and therefore, care should be taken in preparing as to not overcooking. Water-soluble vitamins are eliminated by the body and are not stored, therefore, they must be consumed daily, in foods and supplements. They are measured in milligrams or micrograms.

Vitamin therapy has many advantages, as research has shown. With the help of your doctor (and only with your doctor's consent) vitamin therapy can heal many illnesses or pains. Naturally, vitamin therapy is better than medication as the latter often comes with short or long termed side-effects.

Again, vitamin therapy can cure a number of your complaints, however, you must consult your physician before beginning any new therapies or exercise regime.

The miracle resveratrol which is found in red wine is a breakthrough in anti aging. The only problem with that is we would need to drink 1000 bottles of red wine each day to turn back the hands of time!! The good news is that it is available in supplement form. Watch this video and see how resveratrol worked in lab tests and can work for you.

by: Steve P Smith

Resveratrol has recently attracted great interest in connection with the the so-called “French Paradox” which has long puzzled medical science. As a polyphenol type flavonoid it is in any case a very useful anti-oxidant, but many now believe it also to be the explanation of the relatively low rates of cardiovascular disease enjoyed in France despite a national diet traditionally rich in cholesterol and saturated fat. The French, of course, are also known as high per capita consumers of alcohol, particularly in the form of red wine.

Recent research appears to have established that the consumption of alcohol in moderation offers significant protection for the cardiovascular system, and may even reduce the incidence of related diseases by as much as 30%. There is good evidence, however, that the resveratrol which is almost unique to red wine may provide benefits which go far beyond those which can be explained by the effects of the alcohol alone

This is not surprising in so far as fat-soluble anti-oxidants are known to be important protectors of the circulatory system against damaging attack from free radicals, and the resveratrol and other polyphenols found in red wine are likely to be highly beneficial in this context. Laboratory research, moreover, has revealed significant anti-inflammatory and blood anti-coagulant effects arising from the action of resveratrol.

But there’s still more to resveratrol than this. It’s known that some potentially harmful compounds in the body do not become carcinogenic unless and until they are metabolised by particular enzymes. Resveratrol has been shown in some laboratory research to help inhibit the activity of these enzymes and it seems possible that resveratrol may therefore have some protective effect against certain cancers.

Resveratrol has also been shown in the laboratory to slow the proliferation of DNA damaged cells, which have the potential to become cancerous, and to allow time for the repair or removal of DNA damaged cells before rapid and harmful proliferation can occur. Invasive cancer tumours depend on specialised enzymes to allow them to take over healthy tissue and also need to establish their own blood supply if they are to develop. Resveratrol has been found in the laboratory to have inhibiting effects on both these processes, perhaps principally because of its anti-inflammatory qualities.

Orthodox opinion, however, currently maintains that more large scale trials are required outside the laboratory before any protective effects of resveratrol against cancer can be definitively established.

But the anti-inflammatory properties of resveratrol may also have a significant protective effect in the battle against atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), a significant precursor of serious cardiovascular disease. Resveratrol has also been shown to play an important role in preventing the formation of the blood clots which if they obstruct a coronary or cerebral artery may lead to a heart attack or stroke, two of the leading causes of premature death or disability in the affluent Western world.

And amazingly enough it appears that resveratrol may also have a more direct effect in terms of increasing longevity. A good deal of research has shown that reduced calorie intake may increase lifespans, including those of certain mammalian species, apparently by increasing the activity of specific enzymes. Resveratrol has also been shown to stimulate these enzymes and to enhance the life spans of worms and fruit flies. It is not known whether these findings would be replicated in higher life forms, humans included, but there seems no logical reason why they should not.

To obtain a significant intake of this potentially highly beneficial compound from wine you need to concentrate on red wine, because only this is produced by a pulp fermentation including the red or black grape skins where most of the resveratrol is found. As a rule of thumb, the richer and darker the colour of the wine, the longer the pulp fermentation will have lasted, and the more resveratrol and other polyphenols the wine will contain. Generally speaking it is those produced in the sunnier latitudes which will have the highest concentration.

No toxicity issues have been reported from the intake of resveratrol, as such, although problems of course may arise if red wine is used to excess to achieve a desired high intake. Supplements of resveratrol providing up to 50 mg are now readily available, however; whilst moderate consumption of alcohol is now generally recognised as potential boon to health, and to be particularly protective of the cardiovascular system. So there seems to be every reason to continue to enjoy a couple of glasses of wine of an evening. And your enjoyment can only be increased by the awareness that the resveratrol it contains may well be doing your health a power of good.

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Steve Smith is a freelance copywriter specialising in direct marketing and with a particular interest in health products.

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by Dr. Valerie Rosenbaum

This anti aging skin care guide may be a little different from what you have seen before. Instead of focusing on anti aging skin care treatment, let's focus on your skin's health and what you can do to improve it.

The typical anti aging skin care guide seems to always begin with the damaging effects of the sun, but some of the damage (deep within the skin's numerous layers) was done when you were young. That does not mean that it isn't important to protect yourself from new damage. The question is how you should accomplish this.

The use of sunscreens is commonly recommended in anti aging skin care treatment. But, this is a controversial topic, particularly when used as an ingredient in lotions and creams designed for daily use.

New research indicates that while lotions with an SPF rating may protect you from burning and UVB radiation, they do not protect against UVA radiation, which penetrates more deeply and does some of the worst damage. So, if researchers are correct, they may protect you from the more common skin cancers that occur on the surface, but not the more dangerous carcinomas which are caused by free radical damage in the deepest of the skin's layers.

An anti aging skin care guide should include this advice. Limit your exposure to direct sunlight to 15 minutes, two or three times per week. That way, you'll get your necessary vitamin D. When you will be out longer, use a zinc oxide sun block. They sell them at practically every pharmacy and store brands, like CVS, are just as effective as name brands.

Anti aging skin care treatment should always focus on health and safety, but many of the new techniques and even the creams are neither safe, nor healthy. Collagen injections often cause allergic reactions that can be deadly. Botox injections can cause frozen looking faces and even affect your ability to blink. Botox, itself, is the deadliest naturally occurring poison in the world. Microdermabrasion and harsh cleansers that remove the top layer of the skin expose the deeper levels to more damage and can cause photosensitivity.

But, I don't want this anti aging skin care guide to be completely negative. Here are some of the positive things that you can do to improve your skin's health.

Number one, eat right and take a good daily multi-vitamin. Vitamin A deficiency causes excessive dryness. Vitamin B deficiencies cause the skin to crack and sores to form around the nose and mouth, as well as dermatitis, itching and flaking. Biotin deficiency causes seborrhea. And, the list goes on.

As you get older, your skin's cells do not get everything they need from diet alone, so some nourishing compounds can be applied directly to improve the appearance, fade wrinkles, fine lines and improve elasticity. Effective anti aging skin care treatment in cream form should include Coenzyme Q10, Functional Keratin, Wakame, natural vitamin E, essential fatty acids, vegetable oils similar to the skin's own sebum and vegetable waxes to protect and prevent moisture loss.

Just a few more helpful hints, before I go. Drink plenty of water. Get at least 8 hours of sleep and use a restorative night cream that will repair damage done during the day. A complete anti aging skin care guide should include more information, but this should send you off in the right direction.

About the Author

Dr. Valerie Rosenbaum is a board certified dermatologist specializing in anti aging skin care treatments. She has done extensive research on the way many chemicals used in skin care products do more harm than good. Visit her website to find out which skin care products she uses and recommends.

Shea butter has been used for centuries by the people of Africa to moisturize and protect their skin from sun, wind, heat and salt water. It is also used in high-end facial wrinkle treatment products.
Pure Shea butter is a natural fat extracted from the nuts of the Shea-Karite tree. It is found in the tropic zones of Africa.

It is yellowish, or ivory-colored. It is the natural fat that gives African Shea butter its unique healing properties. It is especially known for its cosmetic properties as a moisturizer and emollient. In addition, it is a popular ingredient in many other products.

For example, it far superior to cocoa butter and other vegetable butters. It is also edible. It is used as a cooking oil in Africa, and is used as a substitute for cocoa butter in the chocolate industry. Actually, it is considered to be superior to cocoa butter and other vegetable butters.

The benefits of African Shea butter products also have outstanding anti-inflammatory properties. It has been found to be useful to combat cases of arthritis and of rheumatism. Further, research has discovered that it can be used even as a nasal decongestant.

It has been proven to be helpful in cases of eczema and dermatitis and can help reduce skin bruising and soreness. Add to this, treating skin conditions such as burns, rashes, fading scars, eczema, severely dry skin, and in reducing the irritation of psoriasis. And, it even provides limited UV protection against the sun.

It is also an integral ingredient in many expensive moisturizing skin products. Moreover, it is used in high quality hair conditioners to add moisture to dry hair, and reconditioning split ends. In addition, hairdressers use it to hold hairstyles and relax curls. It can used to moisturize dry scalps and even encourage hair growth.

It is a key ingredient in the most reputable anti-aging beauty products. Shea butter actually helps stimulate collagen production in the skin, making it most effective in facial wrinkle treatment. An anti-aging product that is magically available to us.

To choose an anti-aging product that's exactly right for you, please visit the Herbal Bliss Shoppe or view at Revitol Anti-Aging Solution one of the most popular & informative sites on the web.

By Thom Richards
Published: 6/21/2008

Can one nutrient really have such a range of benefits? Find out why coenzyme q10 can help some people lose weight more quickly, what it can do for the general population, and where it is found in food.

Co-enzyme q10 is an antioxidant nutrient that is found in every cell. It helps the body produce energy within that cell, being a coenzyme for several mitochondrial enzymes. The mitochondria is where cellular energy production takes place. Unfortunately, like many of the things our bodies need to maintain top shape, it's made less as we grow older. For this reason, many people choose to take Coq10 supplements, although it is also found in food.

The best food sources are organ meats such as heart, liver, and kidneys. But you can also find it in eggs, beef, pork, lamb, and mackerel (a type of fish). Vegetarians need not despair, as coq10 is also found in spinach, broccoli, peanuts, and wheat germ. The only caveats here are that the quantities are much smaller, and the quality of these foods is critical for them to even have that small amount available. These foods must be unprocessed, and grown in an environment that is free from pollution. Organic would therefore be preferable.

Another reason many people choose to use supplements of coenzyme q10, is that it is easily affected by the heat from cooking. Thus, it is best to get it from raw foods, though the best sources of coq10 do not lend themselves to being eaten raw!

So, what are the benefits of increasing the amounts of coenzyme q10 in our bodies?

Many people report feeling like they have more energy as a result of taking coq10. This could be a result of a number of factors. Coenzyme q10 is great for the heart, improving the ability of it to pump more blood. It also lowers the viscosity of blood, making it even easier for the heart to function optimally. But coq10 is also very supportive of the immune system. Some studies found that it doubled the level of antibodies, as well as increasing the body's ability to cope with viruses. Given that people are often dealing with the effects of bacteria, perhaps candida, worms, and other sub-clinical manifestations of disease, it no wonder that they may feel more energized after taking coenzyme q10. A healthier body has more energy available to it.

Given the connection between gum disease and cardiovascular health, it is perhaps not surprising that co-enzyme q10 is also beneficial here. It can stop the progression of gingivitis, and encourage healing and strengthening of the gums. If you don't like going to the dentist, and are bothered by bleeding or swelling of the gums, then coenzyme q10 may be a good oral preventative.

There are quite a few other areas that co-enzyme q10 is useful in. These include:

* weight loss
* high blood pressure
* multiple sclerosis
* chronic fatigue
* diabetes
* muscular dystrophy
* muscle weakness

It is important to realize that coq10 is not a 'cure all'. Even if you have any of the above, this supplement can only be of benefit if you are actually deficient in coenzyme q10. This is particularly important with regards weight loss, as this is one area where people are often too eager to follow claims of possible benefit.

The good news is that if you are in fact deficient in co-enzyme q10, then taking a supplement will help you lose twice as much weight compared to those who don't have a deficiency. But the key is, of course, that you must have a deficiency in the first place! Try and be objective, if you're interested in exploring whether this is for you. And don't think that it takes the place of exercise, or eating properly!

References: Australian Natural Health, Vol 6 No 2

Are there any dangers associated with coq10? Rebecca answers this and other questions on her health supplement site.

By Rebecca Prescott
Published: 1/19/2007

by Karen Graham

The benefits of resveratrol are becoming to be better known and appreciated. More and more scientific studies have been undertaken, around the world, regarding its chemical makeup and how that can aid in the prevention of different diseases.

Resveratrol is a chemical compound that is found in certain plants e.g. Japanese knot weed, peanuts, cranberries and others. It is a phytoalexin because of its antibiotic producing ability to fight both fungi and bacteria.

One of the reasons it was first considered as a good anti aging and disease fighting ingredient was due to the observation of the French lifestyle. Even though they ate high fat diets they had much lower incidences of heart disease. This anomaly, for a European society, was put down to the fact that the French drank a lot of red wine.

Further studies of resveratrol have shown however that a person would need to consume enormous amounts of red wine to get sufficient to make a difference to the aging process.

So what benefits of resveratrol that you and your family will get from taking it? One of the properties that it has and that has already been mentioned is that it is an antioxidant.

Basically what an antioxidant does is to bind together with free radical cells and prevent them creating damage in the body be it arthritis, cataracts or cancer. Antioxidants also have the ability to repair the damage that the cells have already received.

There are many other things that this unique compound can do in helping us to fight against aging and the diseases that come in its wake.

But taking this compound as a supplement is only one thing that you can take for maintaining good health. When it's combined with other vitamins and minerals it has an even stronger effect on turning back the aging clock.

I have only just started taking resveratrol as part of a multi supplement when I was introduced to a company who add it to an amazing blend of other life enhancing nutrients. In addition these supplements are specially coated so that they do not disperse their life giving nutrients into the acidic contents of the stomach, where they can do no good at all. But these supplements are able to release all the goodness in the small intestine where natural absorption of vitamins and minerals take place.

So the benefits of taking resveratrol are that I don't just feel better but I also look better and have tons more energy than I had.

For more information on fighting aging visit my website at today.

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Karen is an holistic therapist, health and nutrition researcher. Visit her site to find out what ingredients work best to battle the causes of aging Resveratrol and discover her recommendations to her clients.

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There are so many procedures available when it comes to skin tightening. It is skin tightening inevitable? Are there any alternatives to invasive procedures? Luckily in today's daily and age, there are alternatives, even within surgical procedures but also nonsurgical procedures as well. Unfortunately for some surgical procedures are the only answer.

When Do You Need Skin Tightening?

Skin tightening is required when loose skin develops on the face and body due to age, weight loss or what have you.Laser skin tightening can be an option for everyone and the results can be astounding without the pain that comes from invasive surgery.

The most dramatic results can be obtained for the face and neck of fair-skinned people and Asians with CO2 laser. It is the most assertive treatment in laser that is available to achieve desired results. For the entire body Titan laser is recommended as downtime is less than with CO2 laser, with results lasting about two years, however, several treatments are required to obtain the goal.

There are other products which use lower amounts of energy, but again, require several treatments to obtain the final results. These treatments require less downtime and honor more inexpensive, but since multiple treatments are required the final costs are roughly the same.

Downtime that should be allocated with CO2 laser is between one and two weeks, leaning more towards the two weeks. Others that use less energy levels require roughly three to six days of downtime. However, the lower energy products and treatments require extra time allotted for the several treatments necessary to achieve your desired results.

Skin tightening can be quite costly depending on each individual's budget running anywhere from $500-$7000, and the average cost being about $4000.

With the costs being what they are many people are not in the financial situation that allows them the luxury of . For those individuals whose only resolve is invasive surgery, then they either live with their situation as is or find a way to finance skin tightening. For those individuals whose only resolve is invasive surgery, then they either live with their situation as is or find a way to finance skin tightening.

What happens when we age? Why does skin lose elasticity, collagen and finally sags? Why do age spots occur? Why do we get dark under eye circles and bags? These are all questions we all ask ourselves, especially when it begins to affect us. Unfortunately, everything mentioned so far makes us appear more tired and older than we really are.

Well, the truth is, as we age, everything about us slows down, including our metabolism, the loss of cartilage, loss of collagen, etc. The dark under eye circles and bags begin to form as our eyes sink and this is probably the most aging factor of all. So, if we are to deal with this problem, we must understand the reason that underlies it.
There are many factors that could very well be the cause(s) of dark under eye circles and bags: the most common ones are sleep deprivation and poor nutrition, either alone or combined. Another common cause that people truly overlook is nasal or sinus congestion. The location of the sinuses being so close to the eyes make it easy for the inflammation, which slows the blood flow of the vessels located in the facial area, to trap it and hence pool around the eye area. Consult your doctor to ensure that sinus infection is not the culprit. If it is in fact, then not only will you benefit from the relief of constant pressure, but you will also rid yourself of the puffiness and dark under eye circles.
Another common cause is fluid retention. Although, puffiness differs from one individual to another, it can be corrected to some degree with the help of elevation by adding another pillow when you sleep. Also, consider cutting down on your salt intake which contributes to fluid retention.
With regards to nutrition, it is essential to improve you diet. You will notice a difference if you eat foods that contain vitamins A, C and E. Eat more fruits and vegetables, especially those known to be antioxidants.

Treating dark under eye circles and bags is possible. Along with the other tips mentioned above you can try cold compresses, cool cucumber slices, cool tea bags or chamomile bags along with special products you can purchase designed to deal with issue.

Many cosmetic manufacturers claim they have the cure in a jar, but only a few can really deliver the results you are looking for. Find products that contain vitamin C (to thicken the skin under the eye) and/or vitamin K (to strengthen the capillaries around the skin and aid blood flow) which would be your best bet.

Whatever the case may be, do consult with your physician because dark under eye circles and bags can be a sign of a medical condition that requires immediate attention.