Vitamin therapy can often solve many medical problems and conditions while contributing to antiaging by keeping organs, etc. functioning normally and feeding the body with nutrients it requires to work as it did in your youth.

Of course there are numerous types of vitamins and they are basically divided into two categories: either fat-soluble or water-soluble.

Fat-soluble vitamins include Vitamins A, D, E and K. These are stored mainly in the liver and are not lost by regular ways of cooking. Also, international units is the way they are measured.

Water-soluble vitamins include Vitamin B Complex and Vitamin C. These are easily lost in cooking and therefore, care should be taken in preparing as to not overcooking. Water-soluble vitamins are eliminated by the body and are not stored, therefore, they must be consumed daily, in foods and supplements. They are measured in milligrams or micrograms.

Vitamin therapy has many advantages, as research has shown. With the help of your doctor (and only with your doctor's consent) vitamin therapy can heal many illnesses or pains. Naturally, vitamin therapy is better than medication as the latter often comes with short or long termed side-effects.

Again, vitamin therapy can cure a number of your complaints, however, you must consult your physician before beginning any new therapies or exercise regime.


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