As the aging process these days is much more researched than it ever was before many of these processes that were once thought to be impossible to prevent are now proving to be avoidable after all even if some signs of wear and tear are apparent.

For instance providing all day long protection from ultraviolet rays with the new cosmetic products now available may not only guard against future damage to your skin but it may well undo some of the damage already done.

Taking the trouble to adopt a good skin care regime means that you need to adopt a realistic approach. Great looking skin is not necessarily skin without lines or wrinkles.

Even invasive surgery cannot claim back the years. Cosmetics can be used to an advantage but even the best of them cannot take away all the blemishes, take up any slack or restore the plump fresh look of our youth.

That face that you have lived with for all the years is now showing signs of some wear and tear but so what if it is well looked after. If the eyes are still bright and the complexion is clear, it will have the look of a beautiful 40, 50 or whatever year old and isn't that really all that matters?

So what are we getting at here? Well, it's all in your hands.

Many will tell you that there are no quick fixes and yes the best alternative is to start a skin care regime right now however you feel about yourself, start today for a better tomorrow.

Already we have mentioned the importance of the eyes looking their best but for many of us it is the area that most reflects the lifestyle we lead. Dark Circles, Puffy Eyes & Bags under Eyes are problems that irritate and make us look older than we really deserve.

Is there a solution?

Although many of us would simply attempt to hide those dark circles with concealers, the problem remains unsolved. Moreover, puffy eyes might be almost impossible to camouflage using concealers. The right approach to handle the issue of under eye dark circles and puffy eyes is a close analysis of the causes and the identification of the appropriate and most effective remedy.

Lead a healthy life

Firstly, our lifestyle and diet play an important part in maintaining overall health, keeping energy levels high and reducing the body's susceptibility to stress and diseases. Yoga, meditation, fresh air walks, adequate water intake and a balanced diet can go a long way in boosting the body's immunity and eliminating the factors that cause dark circles and eye bags.

Home remedies

Secondly, through the use of certain home remedies, blood circulation in the under eye area can be improved. Cold compresses or cucumber slices applied over closed eyes while resting can help revitalize the area around the eyes instantly.

Select a good under eye cream

One of the latest and easiest ways to tackle this issue is the use of under eye creams. A revolutionary product in this area is Eyederma, which has been developed especially to diminish both dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. Eyederma combines a peptide combination called Ocupeptide-3 with one of the most effective forms of Vitamin K to tackle this problem. Eyederma's ingredients have shown to significantly diminish dark circles and puffiness under the eyes, improving the general appearance of the under eye skin and strengthening the blood vessels around the eyes. Regular use of this revolutionary product could help maintain the desired results.

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