The importance of vitamins cannot be undermined. We as human beings cannot possibly ingest all the vitamins required to maintain our health and fight aging, especially in this modern world we live in.

Our work schedules, the pollution, the toxins and the types of foods we eat all prohibit us from getting the proper vitamins in our systems. Although we must do our best to eat as best we can, supplements play a huge role to complete the vitamin intake we require.

Do your best to include supplements in your diet. Whether you prefer a multi-vitamin or several individual vitamins, choose what's best for you, your needs and your age. The types of supplements we need change with age and are different for everyone due to lifestyle and foods ingested. For instance, if you are one that doesn't like to eat or cannot eat leafy green veggies due to a health condition, then you need to make up the difference with a supplement that will "replace" those vitamins.