Free radicals and Anti-Oxidants can be a bit complicated for each of us to fully comprehend. The simplest explanation is as follows: they are the chemical result of too much stress, pollution, sunlight and other factors; and they are also the natural by-product of your body’s use of oxygen (know as oxidation). As our bodies use oxygen, the cells produce by-products or Free Radicals which cause damage and are key factors in signs of aging.

Anti-oxidants help neutralize free radicals and protect cells from further damage, hence slowing the aging process. They are the nutrients in our foods that slow or prevent the oxidative damage to our body. There are several health problems related to oxidative damage such as: heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, to name but a few. In clinical studies, anti-oxidants have been found to enhance immune defense, possibly lowering the risk of cancer.

Here are some anti-oxidant vitamins that can potentially counter the effects of certain environmental assaults that trigger free radicals:

Vitamin C will do wonders for your skin’s appearance by removing toxins from your body. It is especially important to take Vitamin C if you are a smoker for health reasons and, it will diminish the gray undertone from your skin. Citrus fruits such as oranges etc, broccoli, green peppers, tomatoes, strawberries and green leafy vegetables are very rich in Vitamin C and must be added to every diet in order to stay healthy and young.

Note: Studies have shown that topical products (like creams, lotions) enriched with Vitamin C have a better effect on improving the appearance of the skin than when ingested. Topical application of Vitamin C is believed to increase the production of collagen, reducing damage caused by free radicals and finally improving skin texture.

Vitamin E is very highly recommended. It will truly reduce fine lines. Remember fine lines become deep wrinkles. Vitamin E can be found in nuts and seeds, whole grains, vegetable and liver oil and green leafy vegetables.

Vitamin A / Carotenoids are very important to your diet. These can be found in carrots, broccoli, tomatoes, cantaloupe, squash, peaches, apricots, kale, and all brightly colored fruits and vegetables.

Other foods that contain anti-oxidants such as: fish & shellfish, red meat, eggs, garlic, chicken, grains, watermelon, soy, cranberries, red grapes, red wine, pomegranate, tea, pink grapefruit, spinach, kiwi, brussel sprouts, oatmeal, flax seed, rye, corn.

It is recommended that you ingest these as foods instead of as supplements; however, in these busy times we don’t always have the luxury of cooking and preparing the foods we need to eat. So, if you can’t eat it, take it.

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