Anti-Aging and Smoking

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Quit Smoking!

It can't be said enough. Within one month of quitting this disgusting, dangerous (and expensive) and smelly habit, you will notice the color of your skin change: there will be a healthier glow about you. Smoking makes our skin gray. When we are young, we don't see the dangers. Many won't quit smoking regardless of the health-related issues that may arise, nor do we suspect that smoking actually ages us significantly. Besides that, as we age, it also creates unsightly wrinkles around our mouths from all the puffing. So, if you can't quit for health reasons, but you have concerns about your appearance, then at least quit for the benefit of your skin. Anti-aging and smoking really don't go together.

Anti-aging begins with what we ingest or put in our bodies, i.e. smoking, pollution, toxins, etc. So if you want to slow the aging process, start by one of the most important factors: QUIT SMOKING! and try to avoid places where you are around other smokers. The oxidants in cigarettes are speeding up the aging process significantly and therefore your anti-aging fight is weakened by smoking and by second-hand smoke.

The statistics prove just how dangerous tobacco smoking is, increasing your chances of cancer, emphysema, etc. Exposure to second-hand smoke is just as dangerous. There are so many ways to quit and so many out there willing to help. Everyone is different and not all can tolerate the effects of nicotine withdrawal cold turkey, so luckily, there are many options available. One great method is the nicotine patch or nicorette gum which supply you with some nicotine to ease the stress of withdrawal. Another method with favorable results is hypnotherapy. Talk to your doctor to see which is right for you.

I tried the patch but I didn't like the side-effects so I switched to the gum. It really helped a lot. If you've tried the gum in the past and couldn't deal with the taste, give it another try as they have improved it: it tastes better and is chewier so your jaw doesn't hurt. Finding: my skin looked so much better, the grayish tone made way for a rosy glow and the circles under my eyes were not as apparent.

Whatever you choose, remember that aging is easy and anti-aging requires some sacrifice.