Anti Aging - How to Look Younger and Stylish
By Victoria Stewart

The fountain of youth is still being sought after. So until it's found, we must all do our part in anti aging and how to look younger. Although there are many cosmetic procedures that can be done, most of us try to work with what we have had some products that can help us along the way. But there are many ways that we could look better and younger.

For instance, looking younger doesn't necessarily mean trying to look 20 we're 55. There is a certain way, a mature woman can dress to look fantastic and tasteful. An older woman wearing the trends that are meant for young women often comes off as unappealing. You must determine your style, such as sporty, casual, classic, or what have you. Once that is determined, make sure that your hairstyle suits that style. Your hairstyle should enhance your features and work with you. Different hairstyles suit different shapes of faces, so ensure that your hairstyle is compatible with the shape of face you have.

Makeup is a very important factor in looking younger. Many women don't know how to wear makeup. Usually, they started off in their teens, found a certain style of makeup and ways to apply it, and continue to wear it in almost the same fashion. That's dead wrong. An older woman cannot wear the same makeup or 20 or 30 years ago. Certain trends in makeup change, the ways is applied in the composition of it as well.

Not to mention, your face has changed from the time that you first started wearing makeup. Perhaps your cheeks are not as plump as they once were, your skin tone is often quite different from what used to be, possibly bags and puffy eyes, along with dark underwrites circles have developed, nose and mouth lines have gotten deeper, as have eat crow's feet and frown lines. Maybe your lips have grown smaller, and the lines around them have deepened. Needless to say, you have a completely different face, and more often than not, you are continuing to apply your makeup the same way.

What you must do is inspect the changes of your face and work from there. Perhaps your eyeliner should not be as pronounced, or your lipstick should not be as deep red as it used to be. Dark underwrites circles need to be addressed with special concealers. Eyeshadow you once wore probably no longer suit you. Avoid any eyeshadow that is creamy or sparkly, as they age you even more. They enter the creases in your skin and enhance them. Therefore, you should opt for eyeshadow that is powdery.

Is age catching up with you? Do you see the onset of wrinkles, drooping and sagging skin, and other signs that show your age? Anti-AgingMatters provides you with tips about anti-aging health, diet and beauty tips that will make you look and feel great. Don't delay...time is the only thing you can't get back.

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