What happens when we age? Why does skin lose elasticity, collagen and finally sags? Why do age spots occur? Why do we get dark under eye circles and bags? These are all questions we all ask ourselves, especially when it begins to affect us. Unfortunately, everything mentioned so far makes us appear more tired and older than we really are.

Well, the truth is, as we age, everything about us slows down, including our metabolism, the loss of cartilage, loss of collagen, etc. The dark under eye circles and bags begin to form as our eyes sink and this is probably the most aging factor of all. So, if we are to deal with this problem, we must understand the reason that underlies it.
There are many factors that could very well be the cause(s) of dark under eye circles and bags: the most common ones are sleep deprivation and poor nutrition, either alone or combined. Another common cause that people truly overlook is nasal or sinus congestion. The location of the sinuses being so close to the eyes make it easy for the inflammation, which slows the blood flow of the vessels located in the facial area, to trap it and hence pool around the eye area. Consult your doctor to ensure that sinus infection is not the culprit. If it is in fact, then not only will you benefit from the relief of constant pressure, but you will also rid yourself of the puffiness and dark under eye circles.
Another common cause is fluid retention. Although, puffiness differs from one individual to another, it can be corrected to some degree with the help of elevation by adding another pillow when you sleep. Also, consider cutting down on your salt intake which contributes to fluid retention.
With regards to nutrition, it is essential to improve you diet. You will notice a difference if you eat foods that contain vitamins A, C and E. Eat more fruits and vegetables, especially those known to be antioxidants.

Treating dark under eye circles and bags is possible. Along with the other tips mentioned above you can try cold compresses, cool cucumber slices, cool tea bags or chamomile bags along with special products you can purchase designed to deal with issue.

Many cosmetic manufacturers claim they have the cure in a jar, but only a few can really deliver the results you are looking for. Find products that contain vitamin C (to thicken the skin under the eye) and/or vitamin K (to strengthen the capillaries around the skin and aid blood flow) which would be your best bet.

Whatever the case may be, do consult with your physician because dark under eye circles and bags can be a sign of a medical condition that requires immediate attention.