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One extremely important step in your skincare routine is exfoliation. There will be an immediate noticeable difference in your skin once exfoliation is introduced in your skin care routine. Although most skin types can benefit from exfoliation, it is important to determine your skin type to avoid irritation. These scrubs remove the top layer of dead cells that cling to your skin and dull your complexion. They will improve dry or oily skin types, blackheads and acne, and sun-damaged skin.

Tip # 1

When choosing a scrub, ensure the grains are tiny so that exfoliation is gentle; large grains can tear skin.

Tip #2: The lips need exfoliating too. Use a soft toothbrush and gently massage over the lips.

Tip #3:
The neck is often neglected and must be exfoliated as well. Use a mild exfoliator to remove the dead cells from this area each time you begin an exfoliating session for the face.